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view 2014hb8323 jpg s Note from acquisition papers 'This coffer is represented in the Portfolio of the Arts Decoratifs,... FWK 1530-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1530 (made) This chest would probably would have been descibed in early 16th century France as a 'coffre a... 10696 2014-08-29T19:56:44.000Z 2014-08-29T19:56:44.000Z 46.712448 In Storage 1.71832 Oak, dovetailed, carved 707-1895 7071895 O113475 Chest Oak chest on a low, carved plinth; originally fitted with pierced iron reinforcers at the corners... France 2014HB8323 3 chest 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z 1530 1510 view
view 2006ay9382 jpg s Unknown Atasoy, Nurhan and Raby, Julian. <u>Iznik. The Pottery of Ottoman Turkey.</u> London: Alexandria... MES 1520-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1520 (made) Blue-and-white basin, Turkey (probably Iznik), 1510-1520. Height: 24.3 cm, Diameter: 45.3 cm, Diameter: 18 cm of foot Islamic Middle East, room 42 15504 BASIN White earthenware painted in blue. TURKISH (ISNIK); about 1475-1500. Blue-and-White... 2014-08-29T20:18:54.000Z 2014-08-29T20:18:54.000Z 40.433498 Islamic Middle East, room 42, case 6W 29.73229 fritware Fritware, underglaze painted in blue, glazed 7409-1860 74091860 O81700 Basin 1 Large footed basin in fritware. Decorated on interior and exterior in underglaze blue and white.... Iznik 2006AY9382 Attribution note: Fritware is a ceramic whose body consists of silica - sand or quartz - mixed... The knotwork motifs on the inside of this bowl are characteristic of a large group of... 3 VA basin-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z underglazing 1520 1510 view
view 2006af8909 jpg s Benninck, Simon PDP Salting Bequest 1560-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1560 (painted) Height: 140 mm, Width: 95 mm Portrait Miniatures, room 90a Data taken from notes compiled by Rowan Watson. The full text of the entry is as... 16248 2014-08-29T20:22:34.000Z 2014-08-29T20:22:34.000Z 51.096249 Portrait Miniatures, room 90a, case 1 4.20067 Watercolour on vellum E.4576-1910 e45761910 O82391 Miniature 1 Double-sided leaf Flanders 2006AF8909 This double-sided leaf may come from a Book of Hours, a type of prayer book. One side shows the... 3 VA miniature-benninck-simon 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z 1560 1510 view
view Master of the Unruly Children Maclagan, Eric and Longhurst, Margaret H. <u>Catalogue of Italian Sculpture.</u> London, 1932. p.... SCP 1530-12-31 1510-01-01 ca. 1515-1530 (modelled) Terracotta figure group depicting Charity, by the Master of the Unruly Children, Italy... Height: 59.1 cm Leonard da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and the Renaissance in Florence exhibition (National Gallery of Canada 29/05/2005-05/09/2005) Renaissance Ausstellung, Berlin (01/01/1897-31/12/1897) 18912 2014-08-29T20:35:20.000Z 2014-08-29T20:35:20.000Z 43.782372 In Storage 11.25499 Terracotta A.56-1920 a561920 O16239 Figure group The group, which is hollowed out behind, represents a female figure sitting on a seat or bench. ... Florence This statuette, which was originally painted, was made for display in the home. The naked boy on... 3 charity-figure-group-master-of-the 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z Charity 1530 1510 view
view 2006af8821 jpg s Benninck, Simon <i>100 Great Paintings in The Victoria & Albert Museum.</i>London: V&A, 1985, p.36 The following... PDP Salting Bequest 1560-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1560 (painted) Height: 18.3 cm framed, Width: 15.5 cm framed Portrait Miniatures, room 90a Data taken from notes compiled by Rowan Watson. The full text of the entry is as... This scene is typical of illustrations for religious calendars listing the saint's days month by... 19060 2014-08-29T20:36:25.000Z 2014-08-29T20:36:25.000Z 51.096249 Portrait Miniatures, room 90a, case 1 4.20067 vellum, water-colour Watercolour on vellum E.4575-1910 e45751910 O16586 Leaf from a calendar 1 Double-sided leaf Flanders 2006AF8821 This double-sided leaf, possibly from the calendar of a book of hours, seems to illustrate on one... 3 VA leaf-from-a-benninck-simon 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z 1560 1510 view
view 2009cd4270 jpg s Lombardi, Alfonso Inventory of Art Objects acquired in the Year 1867. <u>Inventory of the Objects in the Art... SCP 1525-12-31 1510-01-01 ca. 1515-1525 (modelled) Bust depicting a lady of the Lupari family, Terracotta, ca. 1515-25 Height: 69.5 cm, Width: 82.5 cm, Depth: 53 cm Medieval and Renaissance, room 64 Collections of portraits and specifically portrait busts during 15th and 16th century Italy have... The object was acquired for £40 on 18 December 1867 (V&A SculptureRegister). A minute dated 28... 19367 A LADY OF THE LUPARI FAMILY About 1515-25 Possibly by Alfonso Lombardi (about 1497-1537) The... 2014-08-29T20:38:06.000Z 2014-08-29T20:38:06.000Z 44.504822 Medieval and Renaissance, room 64, case SCREEN4, shelf WE, box EXP 11.34516 The vertical surface of the base immediately below the portrait figure carries a painted... Clay Terracotta, made from modelled clay 320-1867 3201867 O17203 Bust 1 This bust is a lady of the Lupari family who is represented to the waist in a frontal pose, her... Bologna 2009CD4270 John Pope-Hennessy ('Catalogue of Italian Sculpture in the Victoria and Albert Museum', H.M.S.O.,... Unique The inscription on this imposing bust reminds the viewer not to forget the Lupari family, who... 3 VA a-lady-of-the-lupari-bust-lombardi-alfonso 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z modelled, fired A ^Lady of the Lupari Family 1525 1510 view
view 2008bt0537 jpg s Unknown Atil, Esin, <u>The Age of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent</u>. Catalogue of the Exhibition held... MES 1519-12-31 1510-01-01 ca. 1515 (made) Hanging ornament, fritware, painted in underglaze blue, Turkey, Iznik, about 1515 Height: 13.6 cm, Diameter: 17.3 cm World Ceramics, room 145 30384 Ball for suspension in a mosque. TURKISH (ISNIK); early 16th century 337-1903 [1954-2005] 2014-08-29T21:28:54.000Z 2014-08-29T21:28:54.000Z 40.433498 World Ceramics, room 145, case 30, shelf 3 29.73229 fritware Fritware painted in underglaze blue 337-1903 3371903 O85352 Weight 1 Spherical hanging ornament, fritware, compressed spherical form, with pierced nipple at the... Iznik 2008BT0537 This rare blue and white ball was made for suspension in a mosque or tomb from the same chain as... 3 VA weight-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z underglaze 1519 1510 view
view 2008br9886 jpg s Unknown Baker, Malcolm and Richardson, Brenda, eds. <u>A Grand Design : The Art of the Victoria and... CER 1520-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1520 (made) Tin-glazed earthenware panel, painted in colours, showing the Resurrection of Christ, 1510-20,... Height: 25 cm, Width: 20.5 cm Precious: Objects and Changing Values (The Millennium Galleries, Sheffield 02/04/2001-24/06/2001) A Grand Design - The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum (Victoria & Albert Museum 12/10/1999-16/01/2000) World Ceramics, room 145 From the Pourtalès collection 34558 2014-08-29T21:44:46.000Z 2014-08-29T21:44:46.000Z 43.723552 World Ceramics, room 145, case 27, shelf 3 12.634645 'TB' earthenware, paint, tin Tin-glazed earthenware painted in colours 69-1865 691865 O85523 Panel 1 Tin-glazed earthenware panel showing the resurrection of Christ within a rocky landscape, painted... Duchy of Urbino 2008BR9886 'Master of the Resurrection Panel' This wonderful plaque is one the most exquisite example of Renaissance maiolica painting.... 3 VA panel-unknown 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z glazing, painting, firing 1520 1510 view
view 2006bc6345 jpg s Solari, Cristoforo Alison Luchs, <font -i>The London Woman in Anguish, attributed to Christoforo Solari : Erotic... SCP 1520-12-31 1510-01-01 ca. 1515-1520 (made) Woman in Anguish, figure bust depicting a half-length figure in marble, Cristoforo Solari, Italy... Height: 53.6 cm, Width: 34.2 cm, Depth: 26.5 cm, Weight: 30 kg Medieval and Renaissance, room 64 Bought by J.C Robinson. 58070 WOMAN IN ANGUISH About 1515-20 The semi-naked figure, dishevelled and distraught, probably... 2014-08-29T23:05:03.000Z 2014-08-29T23:05:03.000Z 45.876833 Medieval and Renaissance, room 64, case SS, shelf WN 11.058389 marble Alabaster 219-1879 2191879 O92827 Figure bust 1 Figure bust depicting a Virtue, possibly Faith. Half-length figure in marble, gazing upwards,... Lombardy 2006BC6345 This remarkable sculpture in alabaster of a woman in agony has been the subject of varying... 3 VA woman-in-anguish-figure-bust-solari-cristoforo 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z Woman in Anguish 1520 1510 view
view 2006af5945 jpg s Unknown Trusted, Marjorie. <u>German Renaissance Medals: A Catalogue of the Collection in the Victoria... SCP 1530-12-31 1510-01-01 possibly ca. 1515-1530 (made) maybe 19th century (made) Peter Vischer the Elder, brass plaquette, Germany (Nuremberg) about 1515-1530 or 19th century Height: 105 mm, Width: 83.5 mm, Weight: 155.6 g Provenance: Tross. 140 medals and reliefs were purchased from M. Henri Tross of Paris for £500 by... 64727 2014-08-29T23:33:50.000Z 2014-08-29T23:33:50.000Z 51.090839 In Storage 10.45424 Brass 167-1867 1671867 O94325 Plaquette Copper 83.9%, zinc 13.2%, tin 0.8%, Iron and nickel also present. Germany 2006AF5945 This is a brass plaquette representing Peter Vischer the Elder. Although medals by Peter Vischer... 3 peter-vischer-the-elder-plaquette-unknown 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z Peter Vischer the Elder 1530 1510 view
view 2006ap7294 jpg s Jacopo (Maestro) Hildyard, Robin. <font u>European Ceramics</font u>. London : V&A Publications, 1999. 144 p.,... CER 1510-12-31 1510-01-01 1510 (made) Tin-glazed earthenware dish (maiolica) painted in colours with an artist decorating a plate,... Diameter: 23.9 cm Masterpieces of Italian Renaissance Maiolica (Victoria & Albert Museum 22/09/2012-06/05/2013) Precious: Objects and Changing Values (The Millennium Galleries, Sheffield 02/04/2001-24/06/2001) A Grand Design - The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum (Victoria & Albert Museum 12/10/1999-16/01/2000) Preciuos Objects Changing Values (Millenium Galleries 02/04/2001-24/06/2001) World Ceramics, room 145 During the Renaissance a distinction was drawn between fine art and the decorative arts. Maiolica... 67471 2014-08-29T23:47:51.000Z 2014-08-29T23:47:51.000Z 43.78237 World Ceramics, room 145, case 48 11.254995 earthenware, tin glaze Tin-glazed earthenware, painted in colours 1717-1855 17171855 O70735 Plate 1 Tin-glazed earthenware dish (maiolica) painted in colours with an artist decorating a plate,... Cafaggiolo 2006AP7294 During the Renaissance a distinction was drawn between fine art and the decorative arts. Maiolica... 3 VA plate-jacopo-maestro 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z glazing (coating) 1510 1510 view
view 2006au1234 jpg s Entres, Otto Habicht 1930, pp. 103-106. Gothic Sculpture 1933, no. 16. Jopek, Norbert. <u>German Sculpture... SCP 1520-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1520 (made) 1850-1860 (restored) Relief, limewood, The Virgin Mary, St. John the Evangelist and St. Mary Magdalene, Saxony, 1510-1520 Height: 80.5 cm, Width: 56 cm German Art 1400-1800 (Manchester Art Gallery 25/10/1961-10/12/1961) Historical significance: The relief was restored by the sculptor-restorer Otto Entres of Munich... 67527 2014-08-29T23:48:10.000Z 2014-08-29T23:48:10.000Z 50.928028 In Storage 13.45719 limewood Carved limewood, painted and gilded 50-1864 501864 O70803 Relief The present group is a fragment of a crucifixion scene. The fainting Virgin is supported by St... Saxony 2006AU1234 Side pieces made 1850-1860 This relief was part of an altarpiece that stood on or behind the altar in a Christian church. It... 3 relief-entres-otto 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z carving, gilding 1520 1510 view
view 2008bu1476 jpg s Riccio, Andrea (Andrea Briosco) Krahn, Volker. <u>Bronzetti Veneziani: Die venezianischen Kleinbronzen der Renaissance aus dem... SCP Presented by The Art Fund 1520-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1520 (made) Bronze statuette of a satyr and satyress made by Andrea Riccio (Briosco) in Padua, 1515-1520. Height: 24 cm, Width: 16.5 cm, Depth: 17.9 cm, Weight: 5.36 kg Andrea Riccio. Masterpieces of Bronze (The Frick Collection (New York) 16/09/2008-04/01/2009) At Home in Renaissance Italy (Victoria & Albert Museum 05/10/2006-07/01/2007) Give & Take (Serpentine Gallery 30/01/2001-01/04/2001) Natur und Antike in der Renaissance (Liebieghaus, Museum alter Plastik (Frankfurt) 01/12/1985-31/03/1986) Medieval and Renaissance, room 64 Made in one base the group appears to be a direct cast, with a comparatively thin and even wall In this group Riccio challenges the notion of the Satyr as a wanton beast driven purely by carnal... 67625 2014-08-29T23:48:55.000Z 2014-08-29T23:48:55.000Z 45.409279 Medieval and Renaissance, room 64, case 22 11.87284 bronze Cast bronze A.8-1949 a81949 O96343 Statuette 1 The Satyr and Satyress sit intertwined on a shallow integral base, their arms around each other's... Padua 2008BU1476 Riccio was probably the greatest sculptor of small bronzes in Renaissance Italy. He had close... 3 VA satyr-and-satyress-statuette-riccio-andrea-andrea 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z casting Satyr and Satyress 1520 1510 view
view 2006av6327 jpg s Unknown Jopek, Norbert <u>German Sculpture 1430-1540: A Catalogue of the Collection in the Victoria and... SCP 1520-12-31 1510-01-01 ca. 1515-1520 (made) Relief, the Adoration of the Magi, pinewood, Tyrolese, ca. 1515-1520. Height: 58 cm, Width: 75 cm, Depth: 15 cm We Three Kings: The Magi in Art and Legend (Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury 25/10/1995-21/01/1996) Sculpture 1300-1600, room 27 This relief probably formed part of a wing of an altarpiece. Said to have come from a church in the Tyrol. Bought from Christie's, London, 7 December 1872... 67659 The Adoration of the Magi About 1510–20 The Three Wise Men offer gifts of gold, frankincense... 2014-08-29T23:49:07.000Z 2014-08-29T23:49:07.000Z 47.253029 Sculpture 1300-1600, room 27, case WN 11.39856 Pine, painted and gilded 1307-1872 13071872 O70853 Relief 1 The Virgin, seated on a bench turns to her left, holding the naked Christ Child, her right hand... Tyrol 2006AV6327 This relief probably formed part of a hinged wing of an altarpiece. An altarpiece is an... 3 VA relief-unknown 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z 1520 1510 view
view 2006al5817 jpg s Unknown Williamson, Paul, Netherlandish Sculpture 1450-1550 , London: Victoria and Albert Museum, 2002,... SCP Given by Dr W. L. Hildburgh FSA 1520-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1520 (made) Statuette, oak, St. Michael, Brussels, ca. 1510-1520 Height: 38.5 cm Sculpture, room 111 Statuettes of St Michael would have been found everywhere in Brussels, both in the home and in... Given by Dr. W. L. Hildburgh, F. S. A., in 1951. 68717 2014-08-29T23:54:51.000Z 2014-08-29T23:54:51.000Z 50.848381 Sculpture, room 111, case 9, shelf 1 4.34968 Oak Carved oak A.10-1951 a101951 O71887 Statuette 1 The seemingly weightless St Michael tramples on a dog-like dragon, seizing its tail with his left... Brussels 2006AL5817 St Michael was the patron saint of Brussels. Here he is shown trampling on a dog-like dragon. He... 3 VA st-michael-statuette-unknown 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z carving St Michael 1520 1510 view
view 2008bw2290 jpg s Hopfer, Daniel Hayward, J. F., <u>European Armour</u>. London: 1965 Mills, Rosie, "Images in Steel: The Art and... MET 1525-12-31 1510-01-01 ca. 1515-1525 (made) Cuisse, fluted steel with an etched upper border design of two sphinxes holding a covered cup,... Length: 47.9 cm, Width: 17.5 cm, Depth: 13.5 cm Beautifully Bitten: Acid-etched Metal in Europe 1500-1750 (Belinda Gentle Metalware Gallery (room 116) 04/07/2011-04/07/2011) Ironwork, room 114c The character of the etching suggests an Augsburg origin, but it is equally possible that an... 71251 2014-08-30T00:06:57.000Z 2014-08-30T00:06:57.000Z 49.075051 Ironwork, room 114c, case 27 12.834278 steel Steel, fluted and etched 402-1864 4021864 O97488 Cuisse 1 Fluted with etched borders of the so-called Hopfer group, with an etched design of two sphinxes... Augsburg 2008BW2290 3 VA cuisse-hopfer-daniel 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z etching (corroding) 1525 1510 view
view 2007bp9395 jpg s MES 1510-12-31 1510-01-01 1510 (made) 74137 BOWL Bronze, engraved with arabesque ornament and verses in elegant nasta'liq script designed... 2014-08-30T00:20:19.000Z 2014-08-30T00:20:19.000Z In Storage [] 1191-1854 11911854 O76928 Wine bowl 2007BP9395 3 wine-bowl 2014-03-27T00:00:00.000Z 1510 1510 view
view FWK 1510-12-31 1510-01-01 1510 (made) 81146 2014-08-30T00:50:42.000Z 2014-08-30T00:50:42.000Z In Storage J: Van HelderBack A.D. 1510 Sculp. CALiG [] 7259-1860 72591860 O105320 Roundel 3 roundel 2013-09-04T00:00:00.000Z 1510 1510 view
view 2006ae9178 jpg s Riccio, Andrea 'Salting Bequest (A. 70 to A. 1029-1910) / Murray Bequest (A. 1030 to A. 1096-1910)'. In: <u>List... SCP Salting Bequest 1525-12-31 1510-01-01 1510-1525 (made) Plaquette, bronze, depicting the triumph of a hero, by Riccio, Italy (Padua), early 16th century Height: 7.8 cm, Width: 10.6 cm Sculpture, room 111 From the Salting bequest. 82305 2014-08-30T00:55:33.000Z 2014-08-30T00:55:33.000Z 45.409279 Sculpture, room 111, case 4 11.87284 bronze Bronze A.414-1910 a4141910 O106619 Plaquette 1 Bronze plaquette depicting the triumph of a hero. He stands naked on a raised stage, greeted by a... Padua 2006AE9178 Sand casting used moulds of highly compacted, fine sand held in a frame. It was a less expensive... 3 VA the-triumph-of-a-hero-plaquette-riccio-andrea 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z The Triumph of a Hero 1525 1510 view
view Unknown Swann, June, <u>History of Footwear in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Prehistory to 1950</u>.... T&F 1520-12-31 1510-01-01 1510 - 1520 (made) Wide toed leather ankle shoe with missing quarters and front fastening. Length: 28.8 cm There is a similar shoe, left ankle shoe, in the Northampton Museums and Art Galleries. 83313 2014-08-30T01:00:04.000Z 2014-08-30T01:00:04.000Z 51.506321 In Storage -0.12714 leather Tanned leather 1505A-1901 15051901 O107825 Fragments of a leather shoe Right ankle shoe of leather consisting of sole and vamp but missing quarters. Vamp wide toed and... London 3 fragments-of-a-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z tanning 1520 1510 view