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view Ruixiang Company EAS 1940-12-31 1925-01-01 ca. 1930-1940 (made) Height: 76 cm, Width: 52.5 cm China, room 44 73258 2014-08-30T00:16:15.000Z 2014-08-30T00:16:15.000Z 36.33062 China, room 44, case 58 118.760902 'printed by Ruixiang Company, Qingdao' Coloured lithograph on paper FE.480-1992 fe4801992 O76006 Poster true Poster Shandong Western-style advertising began to appear in China at the same time as Western- manufactured... 2 VA poster-ruixiang-company 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z 1940 1925 view
view 2010ea6617 jpg s Unknown EAS ca. 2500 BC (made) Longshan black ware cup on tall foot Height: 17 cm, Diameter: 7 cm China, room 44 191095 2014-08-30T07:51:15.000Z 2014-08-30T07:51:15.000Z 36.33062 China, room 44, case 8 118.760902 Earthenware, unglazed FE.42-2008 fe422008 O229954 Cup true Longshan black ware. Cup on a reticulated tall foot. Shandong 2010EA6617 This cup on a tall foot is made of thin-bodied black earthenware. The thin body is a special... 3 VA cup-unknown 2013-08-16T00:00:00.000Z -2496 -2505 view