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view 2009cr0714 jpg s Unknown McKillop, Beth. <u>Korean art and design: the Samsung gallery of Korean art.</u> London: Victoria... EAS Given by Mr Aubrey Le Blond 0800-12-31 0650-01-01 650-800 (made) Funerary urn with bowl and cover, unglazed grey stoneware; Korea, Unified Silla period, 650-800 Height: 7.5 cm bowl, Diameter: 14.4 cm bowl, Height: 5 cm cover, Diameter: 13.5 cm cover Ceramics Study Galleries, Asia & Europe, room 137 22944 2014-08-29T20:55:31.000Z 2014-08-29T20:55:31.000Z 38.281347 Ceramics Study Galleries, Asia & Europe, room 137, case K, shelf 1 127.095594 stoneware Unglazed stoneware, thrown, stamped, fired C.487&A-1918 c4871918 O21936 Funerary urn: bowl and cover 1 Funerary urn with bowl and cover, of unglazed grey stoneware. The bowl has a pedestaled base with... Korea 2009CR0714 This unglazed stoneware bowl and cover is typical of the ceramics made during the United Silla... 3 VA funerary-urn-bowl-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z stamped, thrown, fired 800 650 view