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view 2006bb1861 jpg s Henry, F. Émailleurs d'Occident, <u>Préhistoire</u>, 2, 1933, pp. 66-146. J. D. Bateson,... MET 0299-12-31 0100-01-01 2nd century-3rd century (made) 2nd-3rd century, British. Height: 3.6 cm Base to rim of nozzle, Diameter: 12.5 cm Across underside of foot, Diameter: 3.6 cm Across nozzle 317196 2014-08-30T13:25:55.000Z 2014-08-30T13:25:55.000Z In Storage [] 393-1872 3931872 O379182 Foot of a cup or candlestick 2006BB1861 3 foot-of-a 2013-09-03T00:00:00.000Z 299 100 view