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view 2006an0568 jpg s Unknown Raggio, Olga. 'Catalogue of Italian Sculpture in the Victoria and Albert Museum' in <u>Art... SCP 1425-12-31 1420-01-01 1420-1425 (carved) Relief, 'Christ showing his wound', terracotta, 1420-1424, Italian Height: 104.1 cm, Width: 61.8 cm, Depth: 23.2 cm, Weight: 64 kg Verrocchio's Christ (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 13/03/2003-22/06/2003) Seeing Salvation: The Image of Christ (National Gallery (London) 26/02/2000-07/05/2000) European Art around 1400 (Kunsthistorisches Museum 07/05/1962-31/07/1962) Medieval and Renaissance, room 50a This figure originally came from the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, Florence. It was in the... 18269 2014-08-29T20:32:01.000Z 2014-08-29T20:32:01.000Z 43.782372 Medieval and Renaissance, room 50a, case WN 11.25499 terracotta Painted terracotta, modelled in deep relief, with a flat back A.43-1937 a431937 O14798 Relief 1 This deep relief figure of Christ is shown in three-quarter length, gazing downwards to his... Florence 2006AN0568 This figure has been tentatively identified as the figure of Christ once situated over the... 3 VA christ-showing-his-wound-relief-unknown 2014-03-05T00:00:00.000Z modelled Christ showing his wound 1425 1420 view