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view 2006am3359 jpg s Schofield, John MET 1779-05-28 1778-05-29 1778-1779 (hallmarked) Silver, Sheffield hallmarks for 1778-9, mark of John Young & Co., overstruck by the mark of John... Height: 20.5 cm, Width: 8.5 cm, Depth: 8.5 cm, Weight: 387.8 g British Galleries, room 118e Made in Sheffield, probably by John Young & Co.; the mark overstruck by John Scofield of London... 7871 British Galleries: In the 1770s the Sheffield makers of fused plate transferred their... 2014-08-29T19:44:31.000Z 2014-08-29T19:44:31.000Z 53.38311 British Galleries, room 118e, case 1 -1.464544 Sheffield hallmarks for 1778-9 Mark of John Young & Co., overstruck with that of the London... Silver Silver, stamped, chased and soldered 386A/1, 2-1871 3861871 O77574 Candlestick 1 Silver, fluted column enriched with chased foliage and garlands, supported on a square plinth,... Sheffield 2006AM3359 The maker's mark of John Young & Co., has been overstruck by that of John Schofield Object Type Candlesticks were essential domestic equipment. Before the 1780s, candles were the... 3 VA candlestick-schofield-john 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z soldering, chasing, stamping 1779 1778 view
view 2006al7887 jpg s Unknown MET Given by Mrs Eric Hervey 1851-12-31 1851-01-01 1851 (made) Commemorative teaspoon Length: 9.2 cm, Width: 2 cm, Depth: 1 cm British Galleries, room 122f Made in England. One from a set of three. Souvenir of Great Exhibition, 1851. From a group of... 9078 British Galleries: Spoons were traditionally used as commemorative gifts. Such mementoes of the... 2014-08-29T19:49:13.000Z 2014-08-29T19:49:13.000Z 52.883289 British Galleries, room 122f, case 1 -1.97685 Brass, stamped CIRC.808-1969 circ8081969 O78098 Commemorative teaspoon 1 England 2006AL7887 Object Type Spoons are a traditional souvenir. They have been made to commemorate events such as... 3 VA commemorative-teaspoon-unknown 2014-08-18T00:00:00.000Z 1851 1851 view
view 2006al7691 jpg s Unknown T&F Purchased with the assistance of the National Heritage Memorial Fund and The Art Fund 1680-12-31 1670-01-01 1670-1680 (made) Round silver box with cover containing 19 pieces of tiny cutlery, made in England, 1670-1680 [Box] Diameter: 1.45 cm, Height: 0.57 cm [Cutlery] Diameter: 0.59 cm plate, Length: 0.94 cm spoon, Width: 0.025 cm spoon, Length: 0.44 cm salt British Galleries, room 56d Purchased. Registered File number 1989/1572. Part of a dolls set. 13316 British Galleries: MARTHA EDLIN'S TOYS AND JEWELLERY<br> Martha Edlin's silver toys and jewellery... 2014-08-29T20:10:08.000Z 2014-08-29T20:10:08.000Z 52.883289 British Galleries, room 56d, case 6 -1.97685 Silver Silver, stamped T.456 to B-1990 t4561990 O11066 Box 1 Small round silver box with cover, decorated round the sides. Box contains 19 tiny cutlery... England 2006AL7691 From Martha Edlin's casket Object Type This tiny box was among the contents of an embroidered casket used by a young girl,... 3 VA box-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z stamped 1680 1670 view
view 2006ah3031 jpg s Unknown SSEA 1875-12-31 1825-01-01 mid 19th century (made) 17252 2014-08-29T20:27:06.000Z 2014-08-29T20:27:06.000Z 22.54994 In Storage 88.371582 Brass, stamped 02891(IS) 02891is O82962 Dish Circluar copper bowl with floral decoration in the centre. Calcutta 2006AH3031 3 dish-unknown 2014-08-07T00:00:00.000Z 1875 1825 view
view 2006al3815 jpg s Unknown T&F 1640-12-31 1630-01-01 1630-1640 (made) Van Dyck and Britain, Tate Britain, London 14 Feb - 17 May 2009 Made in England 17959 British Galleries: This doublet and breeches illustrate the processes of stamping and pinking... 2014-08-29T20:30:26.000Z 2014-08-29T20:30:26.000Z 52.883289 In Storage -1.97685 Satin, stamped, lined with linen and buckram, trimmed with braid and silk ribbon, hand-sewn 348&A-1905 3481905 O13919 Doublet and breeches England 2006AL3815 Object Type This ensemble of doublet and breeches is typical of a wealthy man's clothing. It... 3 doublet-and-breeches-unknown 2013-10-16T00:00:00.000Z 1640 1630 view
view 2009cr0714 jpg s Unknown McKillop, Beth. <u>Korean art and design: the Samsung gallery of Korean art.</u> London: Victoria... EAS Given by Mr Aubrey Le Blond 0800-12-31 0650-01-01 650-800 (made) Funerary urn with bowl and cover, unglazed grey stoneware; Korea, Unified Silla period, 650-800 Height: 7.5 cm bowl, Diameter: 14.4 cm bowl, Height: 5 cm cover, Diameter: 13.5 cm cover Ceramics Study Galleries, Asia & Europe, room 137 22944 2014-08-29T20:55:31.000Z 2014-08-29T20:55:31.000Z 38.281347 Ceramics Study Galleries, Asia & Europe, room 137, case K, shelf 1 127.095594 stoneware Unglazed stoneware, thrown, stamped, fired C.487&A-1918 c4871918 O21936 Funerary urn: bowl and cover 1 Funerary urn with bowl and cover, of unglazed grey stoneware. The bowl has a pedestaled base with... Korea 2009CR0714 This unglazed stoneware bowl and cover is typical of the ceramics made during the United Silla... 3 VA funerary-urn-bowl-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z stamped, thrown, fired 800 650 view
view 2011er1171 jpg s Unknown McKillop, Beth. <u>Korean Art and Design</u>. London : V&A, 1992. 3. Rackham, Bernard.... EAS Given by Mr Aubrey Le Blond 0700-12-31 0600-01-01 600-700 (made) Lidded bowl with stamp design, thrown, stamped and fired stoneware, made in Korea,600-700, United... Height: 13.1 cm [Bowl] Diameter: 16.5 cm mouth of bowl, Diameter: 8.6 cm base of bowl, Height: 8.1 cm [Lid] Height: 5.5 cm, Diameter: 4.9 cm knob KOREAN DAYS: KOREAN ART 5TH TO 19TH CENTURY FROM EUROPEAN MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS (MUSEUM ALTES RATHAUS, INGELHEIM AM RHEIN 01/06/0005-11/06/1984) Korea, room 47g 23239 2014-08-29T20:56:46.000Z 2014-08-29T20:56:46.000Z 38.281347 Korea, room 47g, case 15 127.095594 stoneware Thrown, stamped, fired Stoneware C.488&A-1918 c4881918 O22453 Funerary urn 1 Korea 2011ER1171 This stoneware vessel is decorated with stamped designs in a manner popular in the Unified Silla... 3 VA lidded-bowl-with-stamp-design-funerary-urn-unknown 2013-12-12T00:00:00.000Z throwing (pottery technique), firing (heating), stamping (marking) Lidded bowl with stamp design 700 600 view
view Shin Sang-ho Wilson, Verity (ed), "Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of the Far Eastern Collection in the Victoria... EAS Given by the artist 1997-12-31 1988-01-01 ca. 1993 (made) Jar, stoneware with incised and stamped white slip design through a grey glaze, made by Shin... Height: 60 cm, Diameter: 50 cm Ceramics Study Galleries, Asia & Europe, room 137 23371 2014-08-29T20:57:13.000Z 2014-08-29T20:57:13.000Z 38.281347 Ceramics Study Galleries, Asia & Europe, room 137, case 18, shelf 3 127.095594 stoneware Stoneware, incised, stamped, glazed FE.38-1994 fe381994 O22631 Jar 1 Jar of stoneware, with incised and stamped white slip design through a grey glaze. Korea Ceramics are perhaps the most prized element of Korea’s artistic output and Shin Sang-ho is one... 2 VA jar-shin-sang-ho 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z stamped, glazed, incised 1997 1988 view
view Vaughton's Ltd. MET Given by Mr. David Fitzroy 1890-05-28 1889-05-29 1889-1890 (made) Silver, Birmingham, 1889-90 Length: 4.3 cm, Width: 3.9 cm Gift - David Fitzroy One of the Freddy Fitzroy medals 25249 2014-08-29T21:04:06.000Z 2014-08-29T21:04:06.000Z 52.478588 In Storage -1.9086 Birmingham hallmarks for 1889-90, (Town mark, date letter ‘q’, sterling). maker’s name VAUGHTON &... Silver Silver, stamped M.45-1999 m451999 O25288 Medal Silver, in form of trefoiled cross with wreath decoration Birmingham This medal was awarded to the acrobat and trapeze artist, Fred Fitzroy who was working with his... 2 medal-vaughtons-ltd 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z stamping 1890 1889 view
view 2006am0508 jpg s Unknown T&F 1850-12-31 1850-01-01 1850 (made) Furnishing fabric of block-printed cotton velveteen, England, 1850 Height: 82 cm, Width: 56.7 cm, Height: 31.5 in, Width: 23 in British Galleries, room 122f 34354 British Galleries: Velvets made of silk or wool (plushes), were popular furnishings about 1850.... 2014-08-29T21:43:30.000Z 2014-08-29T21:43:30.000Z 52.883289 British Galleries, room 122f, case 2 -1.97685 Block-printed cotton velveteen, stamped CIRC.481-1965 circ4811965 O78072 Furnishing fabric 1 Furnishing fabric of block-printed cotton velveteen. Edged with stamped green velvet braid. With... England 2006AM0508 AP 379, 1851 EX This is a sample of block-printed cotton furnishing. It is edged in a green plush braid which... 3 VA furnishing-fabric-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z 1850 1850 view
view 2006ak1965 jpg s Unknown MET Given by the Duke of Kent 1550-12-31 1500-01-01 early 16th century (made) Brass dish stamped with the inscription 'Got.Sei.Mit.Uns.', German, early 16th century Diameter: 17.875 in 44322 2014-08-29T22:19:26.000Z 2014-08-29T22:19:26.000Z 51.090839 In Storage 10.45424 'Got.Sei.Mit.Uns.' brass Brass, stamped CIRC.24-1940 circ241940 O87486 Dish The dish is stamped with the inscription 'Got.Sei.Mit.Uns.' repeated. Germany 2006AK1965 By the early 16th century, northern European brass dishes had become greater in diameter, the... 3 dish-unknown 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z stamped 1550 1500 view
view 2006au2501 jpg s Unknown MET 1637-12-31 1637-01-01 1637 (made) Diameter: 10.60 cm, Height: 11.80 cm Silver, room 69 59694 2014-08-29T23:11:50.000Z 2014-08-29T23:11:50.000Z 51.811909 Silver, room 69, case 12 4.6565 The rim is inscribed with the letters NL Under lip. Maker's mark: an arrow, unidentified; date... Silver, stamped, embossed and pierced CIRC.328-1911 circ3281911 O91478 Tazza 1 With stamped, embossed floral decoration on its 6 lobed foot, 3 scrolling serpents on stem,the... Dordrecht 2006AU2501 Maker unidentified 3 VA tazza-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z 1637 1637 view
view Unknown Lightbown, R. W. <u>French Silver</u>. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1978. ISBN... MET 1639-12-31 1630-01-01 ca. 1635 (made) Height: 1.8 cm, Length: 6.4 cm, Width: 4.3 cm Silver, room 69 Purchase - (£16) J Webb Collection Exhibitions: A Collection of Silversmiths’ Work of European... 59822 Silver Gallery: This book was formerly in the collection of John Webb, a dealer and close friend... 2014-08-29T23:12:14.000Z 2014-08-29T23:12:14.000Z 48.856918 Silver, room 69, case 19 2.34121 Title page: Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis ... MDCXXXV Unmarked Silver, stamped, paper 251-1874 2511874 O91517 Book 1 Silver book binding with stamped decoration of a cherub's head with tall wings framed by swags of... Paris Maker unidentified Tiny silver-bound books like this were carried by ladies to church to assist with prayer and... 3 VA officium-beatiae-mariae-virginis-book-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z Officium Beatiae Mariae Virginis 1639 1630 view
view 2006aj9681 jpg s Unknown MET Alfred Williams Hearn Gift 1900-12-31 1800-01-01 19th century (made) Brass needle case in the form of a woman praying, 19th century Length: 3.4 in 61855 2014-08-29T23:19:28.000Z 2014-08-29T23:19:28.000Z 52.478588 In Storage -1.9086 brass Brass, stamped M.78-1923 m781923 O92915 Needle case Decorated with vertical stripes of laurel; the cover is in the form of a woman praying. Birmingham 2006AJ9681 Improved supplies of English brass after 1700 stimulated the expansion of the trades producing... 3 needle-case-unknown 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z stamped 1900 1800 view
view 2006av2249 jpg s Unknown STRONGE, Susan, Nima Smith and James Harle, A Golden Treasury. Jewellery from the Indian... SSEA 1884-12-31 1875-01-01 ca. 1880 (made) Necklace, gold, Calicut, India, about 1880 Length: 58 cm South Asia, room 41 Acquired in 1883, having been purchased by Caspar Purdon Clarke during his tour of India to buy... 64536 Necklace. Interlinked gold pendants and doubled gold chain. Calicut, c.1880. Each pendant of this... 2014-08-29T23:32:45.000Z 2014-08-29T23:32:45.000Z 11.2731 South Asia, room 41, case 10 75.79847 Gold, stamped, with applied twisted wires and granulation IS.1895-1883 is18951883 O94210 Necklace 1 Necklace, with interlinked gold pendants on doubled gold chain. Each pendant is stamped out from... Calicut 2006AV2249 Purchased in India for the Museum by Caspar Purdon Clarke This gold necklace was acquired in 1883. It was purchased by Caspar Purdon Clarke during his... 3 VA necklace-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z 1884 1875 view
view Francis Higgins MET 1853-12-31 1852-01-01 1852-1853 (made) Height: 2.00 cm, Length: 18.00 cm, Width: 2.30 cm Silver, room 67 64784 2014-08-29T23:34:07.000Z 2014-08-29T23:34:07.000Z 54.313919 Silver, room 67, case 4, shelf 8 -2.23218 On back of prongs: maker FH in rectangular punch for Francis Higgins (Culme 4977), duty,... Silver gilt, stamped M.91-1966 m911966 O94346 Dessert fork 1 Stamped with Chased Vine pattern. Great Britain 3 VA dessert-fork-francis-higgins 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z 1853 1852 view
view Pugh, William MET Given by J. H. Fitzhenry 1810-05-28 1809-05-29 1809-1810 (made) Silver, Birmingham hallmarks for 1809-10, mark of William Pugh. Height: 1.5 cm, Length: 6.6 cm, Width: 3.3 cm Acquisition RF: Fitzhenry Gift - Fitzhenry Collection 64914 2014-08-29T23:34:38.000Z 2014-08-29T23:34:38.000Z 52.478588 In Storage -1.9086 Back of handle: maker, WP mark for William Pugh, Birmingham hallmarks, sterling, duty, date K for... Silver Silver, stamped 1259-1902 12591902 O94473 Caddy spoon Silver, oval bowl with scalloped edge, decorated with radiating ridges on a granulated ground,... Birmingham A caddy spoon is a type of spoon for use in taking and measuring dry tea from a tea caddy,... 3 caddy-spoon-pugh-william 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z stamping 1810 1809 view
view Willmore, Joseph MET Given by J. H. Fitzhenry 1823-05-28 1822-05-29 1822-1823 (made) Silver, Birmingham hallmarks for 1822-3, mark of Joseph Willmore. Height: 1.7 cm, Length: 7.5 cm, Width: 4.1 cm Silver, room 67 64915 2014-08-29T23:34:38.000Z 2014-08-29T23:34:38.000Z 52.478588 Silver, room 67, case 4, shelf 13 -1.9086 In bowl: maker, JW for Joseph Willmore, Birmingham hallmarks, anchor, duty, sterling, date Y for... Silver Silver, stamped, cast and embossed 1266-1902 12661902 O94474 Caddy spoon 1 Silver, stamped and cast, shell shaped bowl embossed with flowers and grapes, the short handle... Birmingham A caddy spoon is a type of spoon for use in taking and measuring dry tea from a tea caddy,... 3 VA caddy-spoon-willmore-joseph 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z casting, embossing, stamping 1823 1822 view
view 2006av9423 jpg s Thomas Stothard MET Bequeathed by J.A. Tulk 1817-05-28 1816-05-29 1816-1817 (made) Height: 6.50 cm, Length: 34.70 cm, Width: 10.50 cm Silver, room 67 Acquisition RF: 56 / 1446d Bequest - J A Tulk Design of a stag hunt by Thomas Stothard, modelled... 65027 2014-08-29T23:35:05.000Z 2014-08-29T23:35:05.000Z 51.506321 Silver, room 67, case 19 -0.12714 Relief on handle of a hunting scene, back of the handle trophy, inscribed with ‘ IN HOC... Silver Silver, stamped M.33-1956 m331956 O94585 Soup ladle 1 The stem and handle stamped on the front with a stag hunt and on the back with the crest and... London 2006AV9423 3 VA soup-ladle-thomas-stothard 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z stamping 1817 1816 view
view Unknown MET Given by J. H. Fitzhenry 1831-05-28 1830-05-29 1830-1831 (made) Silver, London hallmarks for 1830-31 Height: 1.9 cm, Length: 11 cm, Width: 3.7 cm Silver, room 67 Acquisition RF: Fitzhenry Gift - Fitzhenry Collection 65894 2014-08-29T23:39:01.000Z 2014-08-29T23:39:01.000Z 51.506321 Silver, room 67, case 4, shelf 13 -0.12714 London hallmarks for 1830-31 Mark of CD (?) Silver Silver, stamped 1300-1902 13001902 O95219 Caddy spoon 1 Caddy spoon of silver, stamped oval bowl, floral decoration, mask terminal to handle. London A caddy spoon is a type of spoon for use in taking and measuring dry tea from a tea caddy,... 3 VA caddy-spoon-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z stamping (forming) 1831 1830 view