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view 2011em6873 jpg s Unknown PUBLISHED J.Lowry, 1973, no.15 SSEA Given by Harold Wakelam 1800-12-31 1650-01-01 1650-1800 (made) Mahakala, painted clay, flour-paste and human bone ash, Tibet, 1650-1800 Height: 37.7 cm, Width: 31 cm South-East Asia, room 47a Mahakala is a Buddhist adaptation of Siva in his vengeful (ugra) manifestation. In the Buddhist... This object was acquired in Mukden (Manchuria) about 1920-25. During the repair of damage it was... 24912 2014-08-29T21:02:46.000Z 2014-08-29T21:02:46.000Z 31.623875 South-East Asia, room 47a, case 13 -81.608429 Clay, bone-ash Painted clay, flour paste and human bone-ash IS.178-1964 is1781964 O24883 Figure 1 Tibet 2011EM6873 This is a painted clay image of the six-armed Mahakala, a wrathful protector of the Buddhist... 3 VA mahakala-figure-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z Painted, modelled Mahakala 1800 1650 view