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view 2006af0882 jpg s Clarke, Harry Nicola Gordon Bowe, The Life and Work of Harry Clarke, Irish Academic Press, 1989 also for... CER 1918-12-31 1918-01-01 1918 (designed) 1940 (made) Panel with clear, coloured and flashed glass, acided, stained and with painted details depicting... Height: 264 cm sight, Width: 51.5 cm maximun, sight, Weight: 22.04 kg unframed Sacred Silver & Stained Glass, room 83 The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ is a devotion to Jesus himself and his love for... The design for the 'Apparition of the Sacred Heart' was made by Harry Clarke in 1918 for a... 11181 THE APPARITION OF THE SACRED HEART This is a second version of the central image of a... 2014-08-29T19:59:17.000Z 2014-08-29T19:59:17.000Z 52.964265 Sacred Silver & Stained Glass, room 83, case S5 -6.925007 Harry Clarke Stained Glass Ltd. 1940 Glass Clear, coloured and flashed glass, acided, stained and with painted details C.48-1982 c481982 O8372 Panel 1 The central image depicts Jesus Christ revealing the Sacred Heart. Above this main figure is a... Dublin 2006AF0882 The design was first used for a three-light window in Phibsborough Church, Dublin. Harry Clarke was one of the great masters of 20th-century stained glass. He trained in his... 3 VA apparition-of-the-sacred-heart-panel-clarke-harry 2014-07-29T00:00:00.000Z painting, staining, acid etching Apparition of the Sacred Heart 1918 1918 view