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view 2006am5208 jpg s Mowland, C. Georgiana MoC Given by HM Commissioners of the Great Exhibition of 1851 1851-12-31 1846-01-01 ca. 1851 (embroidered) 1851 (exhibited) Panel of flat embroidery and raised appliqué work, sampler from Great Exhibition; British, 1851 Height: 27.7 cm, Width: 18 cm, Depth: 1 cm Great Exhibition (Crystal Palace 01/01/1851-31/12/1851) British Galleries, room 122f C. Georgiana Mowland, who made the embroidery, was the eldest of four children of Matthew... 12349 British Galleries: The Exhibition included work by children and for children. This sampler is an... 2014-08-29T20:05:53.000Z 2014-08-29T20:05:53.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 122f, case 2 -0.12714 A Specimen of Raised Embroidery Executed by C G Mowland No 23 Eaton Mews South Eaton Sq Aged... wood, silk, canvas, silk thread, crepe, satin, chenille thread, wired chenille, glazed linen Raised embroidery and appliqué on satin, the flowers worked in crepe and chenille and the leaves in silk and chenille AP.423 ap423 O9781 Panel of embroidery 1 The embroidery is worked on an oblong piece of white satin, and shows a mixture of flat... London 2006AM5208 The initial C in C Georgiana Mowland's name is probably for Charlotte, judging from the record of... Unique Object Type This panel is mounted on a piece of wood, and was once framed behind glass for... 3 VA a-specimen-of-raised-embroidery-panel-of-embroidery-mowland-c-georgiana 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z embroidery, sliced, Woven, applique A Specimen of Raised Embroidery 1851 1846 view