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view Unknown Stein, Aurel, <u> Serindia: Detailed Report of Exploration in Central Asia and Westernmost China... EAS Stein Textile Loan Collection. On loan from the Government of India and the Archaeological Survey of India. Copyright: Government of India. 0300-12-31 0200-01-01 200-300 (made) Fragments of plain woven plant fibre, wool and felt. Length: 37.5 cm plant fibre, Width: 25.5 cm plant fibre Karadong lies south of Kucha on the northern Silk Road. On his first visit, Stein found the... Textile has previously been stored in a piece of paper which has been labelled with the Stein... 62360 2014-08-29T23:22:14.000Z 2014-08-29T23:22:14.000Z 42.184158 In Storage 84.964111 Ka.I.0017 plant fibre, wool, felt Plain woven plant fibre and wool and felt with stitching LOAN:STEIN.108 loanstein108 O93309 Fragments Fragments including monochrome plain weave cream unidentified plant fibre and pieces of... Karadong These fragments are of plain woven plant fibre, wool and felt. Their original use is unclear... 2 the-stein-collection-fragments-unknown 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z plain weave, stitching, felting The Stein Collection 300 200 view