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view 2006bc0462 jpg s CER Given by Mr. J.S.Brocklesby FRIBA ca. 2500 BC (made) Jug, earthenware with incised and polished slip, Cyprus, about 2500 BC World Ceramics, room 145 281742 Jug in Cypriot style Cyprus, about 2500 BC with incised and polished slip Museum no. 165-1935.... 2014-08-30T11:59:41.000Z 2014-08-30T11:59:41.000Z 35.132519 World Ceramics, room 145, case 1, shelf 2 33.435501 earthenware, slip Earthenware with incised and polished slip C.165-1935 c1651935 O340666 Jug 1 Jug in Cypriot style, earthenware with incised and polished slip. Cyprus 2006BC0462 3 VA jug 2014-01-06T00:00:00.000Z polished, incised -2400 -2600 view