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view 2006am2780 jpg s Unknown FWK Bequeathed by John Jones 1870-12-31 1855-01-01 ca. 1860-1870 (made) Small oval table on tall cabriole legs, veneered with floral marquetry in the style of Roger... Weight: 10 kg, Height: 67 cm, Width: 57.5 cm, Depth: 39 cm In the collection of John Jones before 1882 379 2014-08-29T19:19:58.000Z 2014-08-29T19:19:58.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 purplewood, leather, holly, Sycamore, boxwood, Oak, pearwood, gilt bronze, hornbeam, tulipwood Carcase of oak and sycamore, veneered in purplewood, boxwood and tulipwood, with marquetry of holly, purplewood, sycamore (stained in parts), pearwood, hornbeam; mounts of gilt bronze; writing surface of leather 1070:1-1882 10701882 O11860 Table Small oval table on tall cabriole legs, veneered with floral marquetry. Writing surface of red... Paris 2006AM2780 Made in 1860-1870 in Paris, in the style of RVLC or Topino The collection of French 18th-century furniture became a mania among rich connoisseurs throughout... 3 table-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z cabinet making, marquetry, veneered 1870 1855 view
view 2006ae9923 jpg s Unknown SCP 1720-12-31 1680-01-01 1680-1720 (made) St Sebastian, hornbeam relief, Southern Germany, ca. 1680-1720 Height: 31 cm, Width: 23 cm Sculpture, room 111 Given by Mr Louis Cutbill. 78517 2014-08-30T00:41:07.000Z 2014-08-30T00:41:07.000Z 51.090839 Sculpture, room 111, case DR1 10.45424 hornbeam Hornbeam A.10-1933 a101933 O111418 Relief 1 Relief, limewood, St Sebastian. The Saint is shown dead lying loosely against the trunk of a tree... Germany 2006AE9923 The dense grain of a hardwood allows subtle carving and a high polish. In a relief the image... 3 VA st-sebastian-relief-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z St Sebastian 1720 1680 view
view 2014gy8465 jpg s Unknown W.G. Paulson Townsend, Measured drawings of French furniture in the South Kensington Museum... FWK 1780-12-31 1776-01-01 1776-1780 (made) A lady's writing desk and dressing table (secrétaire-toilette), decorated in marquetry of... Height: 1000 mm, Width: 830 mm, Depth: 500 mm Traditionally stated, but without foundation, to have belonged to Marie Anoinette. 96592 [Label text by Peter Thornton] Lady's desk and dressing table French (Paris); about... 2014-08-30T02:01:40.000Z 2014-08-30T02:01:40.000Z 46.712448 In Storage 1.71832 porcelain, Glass, purplewood, ebony, leather, holly, Sycamore, boxwood, Oak, walnut, pearwood, gilt bronze, hornbeam, ormolu, harewood, tulipwood oak veneered with stained sycamore and and tulipwood, decorated with marquetry of harewood, tulipwood, holly, purplewood, ebony, hornbeam, pearwood and boxwood in parts stained and inked, mounted with ormulu and gilt bronze. Drawers are of walnut, inner boxes are walnut and sycamore. Includes leather, glass and porcelain containers 1043:1 to 38-1882 10431882 O152802 Cylinder desk The secrétaire is in the form of a bureau with a cylinder front and on a stand with four cabriole... France 2014GY8465 Unique This combined writing desk and dressing table (secretaire-toilette) exemplifies the skill and... 3 cylinder-desk-unknown 2014-04-14T00:00:00.000Z gilding, staining, marquetry 1780 1776 view
view 2006al7588 jpg s FWK Bequeathed by Miss Margaret Coutte Trotter 1720-12-31 1695-01-01 ca.1700 - 1720 (made) A commode or chest of drawers with double curved front, of the form described as <i>arc en... [Commode] Height: 89.1 cm, Width: 120 cm, Depth: 70.6 cm This is part of a set of five pieces of marquetry furniture, probably made in Paris ca. 1700. It... By repute part of the furnishings of the Château de Montargis in 1832. Previous history... 186032 [Label text by Peter Thornton] Chest of drawers French (Paris); about 1690 Floral marquetry of... 2014-08-30T07:33:10.000Z 2014-08-30T07:33:10.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 [Commode] [Commode] Part of the bedroom suite/ taken [sic] the Chateau de/ <u>Montargis</u>... steel, ivory, holly, Sycamore, whitebeam, barberry, beech, Oak, walnut, pearwood, hornbeam, padouk, brass, cypress, softwood, sweet cherry [Commode] Veneered in ebony on a softwood carcase, with marquetry inlaid into the ground in several woods, ivory and brass. 1442:1 to 2-1882 14421882 O224494 Commode [Commode] <u>Design</u> The commode is veneered in ebony, with panels of marquetry in mainly... Paris 2006AL7588 Commodes, as chests-of-drawers were known in France, were first made in about 1700 and rapidly... 3 commode 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z cabinet making, veneering, marquetry, inlay 1720 1695 view
view 2006am1521 jpg s FWK 1690-12-31 1680-01-01 1680-1690 (made) Desk (<i>bureau brisé</i>) of rectilinear form, the case sitting on two sets of four legs, each... Height: 78.5 cm, Width: 102.5 cm, Depth: 66 cm This desk is of a form known as a<i> bureau brisé</i>, or 'broken desk'. The name comes from the... This bureau was given to the South Kensington Museum in 1882, as part of a group of furniture... 253469 2014-08-30T10:38:45.000Z 2014-08-30T10:38:45.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 purplewood, ebony, steel, holly, Sycamore, Oak, walnut, hornbeam, padouk, Poplar, cherry, brass, softwood [] 1440:1-1882 14401882 O301132 Bureau Desk (<i>bureau brisé</i>) of rectilinear form, the case built as a three-sided dovetail box. The... Paris 2006AM1521 This type of desk, with a top that folds back to reveal a writing surface, was known as a bureau... 3 bureau 2014-06-24T00:00:00.000Z 1690 1680 view
view 2006al7635 jpg s unknown Alcouffe, Daniel, Geoffrey de Bellaigue, Christian Baulez, Denise Ledoux-Lebard, <i>Il Mobile... FWK Bequeathed by Miss Margaret Coutts Trotter 1704-12-31 1685-01-01 ca. 1690- ca. 1700 (made) A two part cupboard, the upper part with a central cupboard door, enclosing a small compartment... Height: 192.5 cm overall, Width: 140 cm overall, Depth: 53.2 cm over top of lower case, Height: 91.5 cm of upper case, Height: 103.7 cm of lower case Double-height cupboard were fashionable in France from the second half of the 16th century and... By repute part of the furnishings of the Château de Montargis in 1832. Previous history... 308529 2014-08-30T13:07:16.000Z 2014-08-30T13:07:16.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 4th part of the 5 pieces of furniture taken out of the Chateau de Montargis when under demolition... ebony, steel, holly, Sycamore, barberry, bone, Oak, pearwood, kingwood, hornbeam, padouk, pewter, gilt-brass, softwood Carcase of softwood (probably pine), with some oak, veneered in kingwood and ebony, with marquetry of sycamore (partly green-stained), holly, hornbeam, barberry, padouk, pearwood (sometimes ebonized), pewter sheet (sometimes engraved), pewter stringing and bone. Mouldings, turned handles and turned feet are in ebonized wood. Escutcheons and internal drawer handles of gilt-bronze. Steel hinges, locks and key. 1439:1-1882 14391882 O368613 Cupboard A cupboard with two tiers, the upper section, slightly breakfront in form, consisting of a... Paris 2006AL7635 The cupboard was almost certainly made In Paris, although it has not been connected with a... Large, double-height cupboards had first been made as fashionable furnishings in France in the... 3 cupboard-unknown 2014-03-12T00:00:00.000Z cabinet making, veneering, marquetry, inlay 1704 1685 view
view 2006av6992 jpg s Gole, Pierre Wilk, C. (ed). <u>Western Furniture, 1350 to the Present Day</u> London: Philip Wilson Publishers... FWK 1665-12-31 1661-01-01 1661-65 (made) Cabinet-on-stand, veneered with ivory, turtle shell, green-stained bone and floral marquetry in... Height: 126 cm, Width: 84 cm, Depth: 40 cm Princely Treasures: European Masterpieces 1600-1800 from the V&A (National Museum of Korea (Seoul) 02/05/2011-28/08/2011) Gole was Dutch-born and had come to Paris in 1643. By 1656, he had been described as... The cabinet is thought to have been made for the apartments in the Palais Royal, Paris, occupied... 534333 CABINET ON STAND Parisian: 1660s Veneered with ivory, tortoiseshell and floral marquetry of... 2014-08-30T22:48:10.000Z 2014-08-30T22:48:10.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 brass (alloy), ebony, steel, ivory, Sycamore, barberry, bone, Oak, walnut, hornbeam, padouk, fruitwood, satinwood, horn, snakewood, alder, Tamative ebony, tortoiseshell, olive Veneered in ivory and tortoiseshell, with marquetry of various woods and green-stained bone, ebony mouldings and brass mounts, on a pine carcase, with walnut drawers W.38:1 to 3-1983 w381983 O70195 Cabinet-on-stand Cabinet-on-stand of small scale, veneered with floral marquetry in ivory, tortoiseshell and bone,... Paris 2006AV6992 Very few pieces of furniture can be attributed to Gole with absolute confidence. Several pieces... This small cabinet is an exceptionally delicate version of the cabinets that became the... 3 cabinet-on-stand-gole-pierre 2014-08-07T00:00:00.000Z cabinet making, veneering, staining, marquetry 1665 1661 view