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view 2006an6898 jpg s Hintz, Federick <u>Antiques Magazine</u>, February 1994; Gilbert and Murdoch, John Channon and English Brass... FWK Gift of Brigadier W. E. Clark CMG, DSO through The Art Fund 1738-12-31 1737-01-01 1737-1738 (made) Mahogany tripod table, inlaid with brass and mother-of-pearl, probably made by Federick Hintz,... Height: 111 cm in vertical position, Height: 71.8 cm in horizontal position, Diameter: 72.5 cm British Galleries, room 52b Taking tea became so fashionable during the 18th century that specialised items of furniture were... 25 The anthropomorphic tripod legs to this table are very unusual. The top is dished to protect... 2014-08-29T19:17:33.000Z 2014-08-29T19:17:33.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 52b, case 2 -0.12714 Mahogany, brass (alloy), mother of pearl Mahogany, with inlaid brass and mother-of-pearl W.3-1965 w31965 O8278 Tripod tea table 1 A mahogany tripod table, inlaid with brass and mother-of-pearl. The top has scalloped edges, is... London 2006AN6898 Object Type The tea table was first introduced in the late 17th century. Elizabeth Maitland,... 3 VA tripod-tea-table-hintz-federick 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z inlay (process) 1738 1737 view
view Mackintosh, Charles Rennie Billcliffe, Roger. <u>Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Complete Furniture, Furniture Drawings and... FWK 1917-12-31 1917-01-01 1917 (made) Ladderback chair with upholstered seat; Charles Rennie Mackintosh, about 1917 Height: 5.8 ft, Width: 1.8 ft, Depth: 3.6 ft Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1868-1928: Architecture, Design and Painting (Victoria & Albert Museum 30/10/1968-29/12/1968) Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1868-1928: Architecture, Design and Painting (Royal Museum of Scotland 01/01/1968-31/12/1968) 50 Years of Modern Design (Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood 01/01/1966-31/12/1966) The guest bedroom (for which the whole suite was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh) did not... 91 2014-08-29T19:17:56.000Z 2014-08-29T19:17:56.000Z 54.313919 In Storage -2.23218 Mahogany mahogany with uphostered seat CIRC.590:1-1966 circ5901966 O61977 Chair Ladderback armchair with upholstered seat. United Kingdom Probably made by interned German craftsmen on the Isle of Man, Great Britain. Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928), was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and became a leading... 3 chair-mackintosh-charles-rennie 2014-07-15T00:00:00.000Z made 1917 1917 view
view 2006am5814 jpg s Ancellet, Denis Louis FWK Bequeathed by John Jones 1784-12-31 1775-01-01 ca. 1780 (made) Three-tiered set of standing corner shelves, of solid and veneered mahogany, set with gilt-bronze... Weight: 22 kg, Height: 89.5 cm, Width: 41.5 cm Acquired by John Jones before 1882 377 2014-08-29T19:19:57.000Z 2014-08-29T19:19:57.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 Mahogany, marble, gilt bronze, porphyry Solid and veneered mahogany, with gilt-bronze mounts, the shelves of grey Bardiglietto marble, the top of green porphyry 1092A-1882 10921882 O11862 Corner shelf Paris 2006AM5814 Small sets of standing corner shelves, known as encoignures à jours (‘open corner shelves’), had... 3 corner-shelf-ancellet-denis-louis 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z cabinet making, cast, veneered, chased, gilded 1784 1775 view
view 2006am7423 jpg s Unknown FWK Bequeathed by John Jones 1800-12-31 1790-01-01 1790-1800 (made) 1750-1800 (made) 1820-1840 (made) Of rectangular form, with three shelves, in mahogany, later mounted with gilt bronze and with... Weight: 15 kg from green catalogues, Height: 765 mm, Width: 58.5 cm, Depth: 325 mm closed, Depth: 38 cm front dropped down In the collection of John Jones before 1882 378 [Label text by Peter Thornton] Work tray ('Tricoteuse') French (Paris); late 18th... 2014-08-29T19:19:57.000Z 2014-08-29T19:19:57.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 porcelain, Mahogany, steel, Oak, gilt-brass Substrate of oak with legs of mahogany; veneers of flame mahogany; soft-paste porcelain; steel; gilt bronze 1041-1882 10411882 O11861 Table Three-tiered rectangular table with two four-sided trays over a shelf, standing on four legs each... Paris 2006AM7423 John Jones, who bequeathed his enormous collection of French decorative arts to the Museum in... 3 table-unknown 2013-10-15T00:00:00.000Z 1800 1790 view
view 2006am5665 jpg s Unknown FWK Bequeathed by John Jones 1880-12-31 1860-01-01 1860-1880 (made) Tripod table or Guéridon; oak, veneered, porcelain plaque; stamped Jean-Henri Riesener, France or... Weight: 3 kg, Height: 76.5 cm, Diameter: 34 cm base 382 2014-08-29T19:20:00.000Z 2014-08-29T19:20:00.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 JH RIESENER Mahogany, Oak, gilt bronze, soft-paste porcelain Solid mahogany and mahogany veneered on oak, with gilt-bronze mounts, the top inset with a plaque of soft-paste porcelain 1035-1882 10351882 O11857 Gueridon One of a pair of tripod stands or <i>guéridons</i> of oak, veneered with mahogany and ebony, and... Paris 2006AM5665 The object is stamped Jean-Henri Riesener, which supports an original attribution to the period... This stand is marked underneath with the stamp of J.H. Riesener, the most famous cabinetmaker in... 3 gueridon-unknown 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z cabinet making, veneering 1880 1860 view
view Unknown FWK Gift of Brigadier W. E. Clark CMG, DSO through The Art Fund 1740-12-31 1725-01-01 ca. 1730-1740 (made) Height: 32 in, Width: 16 in, Depth: 9.5 in 1566 W.63 &A-1950 PAIR OF WALL-LANTERNS ENGLISH; about 1730 Carved mahogany Given by Brigadier W.E.... 2014-08-29T19:25:40.000Z 2014-08-29T19:25:40.000Z 52.883289 In Storage -1.97685 Mahogany Carved mahogany W.63-1950 w631950 O55140 Wall-lantern England This unusual object, which is one of a pair, was designed to hold a candle and would be fixed to... 3 wall-lantern-unknown 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z 1740 1725 view
view Johnson, J. F. FWK 1927-12-31 1926-01-01 1926-1927 (manufactured) Dressing table stool, with X-stretcher, made of mahogany and veneered with ebony, upholstered in... Height: 500 mm, Width: 495 mm, Depth: 370 mm Made for the author Dodie Smith 1670 DRESSING TABLE, MIRROR AND STOOL Designed by J.F. Johnson (British) Manufactured by Heal & Son,... 2014-08-29T19:26:07.000Z 2014-08-29T19:26:07.000Z 51.506321 In Storage -0.12714 Mahogany, ebony, silk (textile) Mahogany, veneered in ebony, drop-in seat pad upholstered with silk W.6:1to 2-1975 w61975 O113729 Stool Dressing table stool, made of mahogany veneered with ebony, with four legs joined by cross... London This elegant stool was part of a luxurious dressing-table set. Although made in London, it shows... 2 stool-johnson-j-f 2014-04-09T00:00:00.000Z cabinet making, upholstered, veneered 1927 1926 view
view 2011fd8341 jpg s unknown FWK Bequeathed by Lt. Col. G. B. Croft-Lyons FSA 1800-12-31 1775-01-01 1775-1800 (made) Pole screen of mahogany with canvaswork panel, England, 1775-1800 (RF 89/1678) Height: 139.5 cm, Depth: 46 cm Previously on loan to the V&A before its bequest by Colonel Croft-Lyons. 4310 POLE SCREEN Mahogany with a tapestry panel ENGLISH; about 1760 [1972] 2014-08-29T19:33:27.000Z 2014-08-29T19:33:27.000Z 52.883289 On loan -1.97685 Mahogany Turned and carved mahogany, embroidery W.60-1926 w601926 O370408 Pole screen Pole screen of turned and carved mahogany with embroidered canvaswork panel. The base of the... England 2011FD8341 On loan to Shugborough Park Farm Museum, Milford, Staffordshire 3 pole-screen-unknown 2014-07-02T00:00:00.000Z carving, turning, embroidering 1800 1775 view
view 2006al3236 jpg s Wyatt, James <u>Country Life</u>. Oct. 14th 1916. <u>Architectural Review</u>. May 1924. MET Given by Robert Solomon 1778-12-31 1769-01-01 ca. 1774 (made) Balustrade from a staircase landing, wrought iron with brass palmettes and lead foliage, London,... Height: 93.98 cm approx., Width: 142.24 cm approx., Weight: 20 kg estimated, Depth: 5.5 cm British Galleries, room 118e Part of a staircase from Foley House, Portland Place, London, built c.1774 by the Neoclassical... 9478 British Galleries: James Wyatt was a fashionable architect designing in a refined variation of... 2014-08-29T19:51:09.000Z 2014-08-29T19:51:09.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 118e, case WW -0.12714 Mahogany, lead, wrought iron, brass Wrought iron, with brass palmettes and lead foliage, painted; mahogany handrail M.953-1928 m9531928 O78655 Railing 1 Balustrade from a staircase landing made of wrought iron with brass palmettes and ornamental lead... London 2006AL3236 Object Type Staircase panel from Foley House. Each baluster is formed of a lower panel containing... 3 VA railing-wyatt-james 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z painting, forging (metal forming) 1778 1769 view
view 2006av1116 jpg s Hornig, Jean-Georges Medlam, Sarah: <i> The Bettine, Lady Abingdon Collection: The Bequest of Mrs T.R.P. Hole.A... FWK The Bettine, Lady Abingdon Collection. The Bequest of Mrs T. R. P. Hole 1815-12-31 1810-01-01 1810-1815 (made) Island bookcase (Etagère) by Jean-Georges Hornig. Paris, c. 1810-15. Mahogany, with stone slab... Height: 76.5 cm, Width: 52.1 cm, Depth: 40 cm Jean-Georges Hornig (1779-1857) is recorded in the rue de Charonne in 1827. The form of these... Part of a large group of pieces of French furniture, ceramics, metalwork, books and other... 9914 ISLAND BOOKCASE Jean-Georges Hornig (1779-1857) Manufacturer French: 1810-1815 Mahogany, with... 2014-08-29T19:53:24.000Z 2014-08-29T19:53:24.000Z 48.856918 In Storage 2.34121 [Bookcase] possibly '1810' and 'I' [Top] 'hornig ébéniste / rue Charonne / no.7' Mahogany, brass (alloy), marble, Oak, Poplar [Bookcase] Mahogany, on a carcase of oak and poplar; the capital mounts chased and gilt, the handles probably lacquered brass [Top] Rosso antico marble slab W.22B/1, 2-1987 w221987 O79168 Island bookcase Island dwarf bookcase with handles, the top with marble slab mounted with gilt bronze, supported... Paris 2006AV1116 This island bookcase (or étagère) is a companion piece to Museum no. W.22A-1987. Jean-Georges... 3 island-bookcase-hornig-jean-georges 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z 1815 1810 view
view William Birch (Ltd.) FWK 1884-12-31 1884-01-01 1884 (design registered) Thebes Stool, mahogany or walnut, with leather seat, designed by Liberty & Co., and probably made... Height: 36.3 cm, Width: 43.5 cm, Depth: 43.5 cm, Height: 28 cm centre of seat to floor British Galleries, room 122g A revival of interest in the art and architecture of Ancient Egypt may have been stimulated by... Made for Liberty & Co., probably by the firm of William Birch or B. North & Sons, both of High... 10765 The ancient Egyptian original, from which this stool is copied, was reputed to have been... 2014-08-29T19:57:02.000Z 2014-08-29T19:57:02.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 122g, case 12 -0.12714 Mahogany, leather, walnut Mahogany or walnut, with leather seat CIRC.439-1965 circ4391965 O7878 Stool 1 Low mahogany or walnut stool, with turned decoration on the legs, and a leather seat, copied from... London Attribution note: The design for the Thebes Stool was registered with the Patent Office in 1884,... Mass produced Object Type The stool is made of turned mahogany legs and a dyed and shaped leather seat attached... 2 VA the-thebes-stool-stool-william-birch-ltd 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z turning The Thebes Stool 1884 1884 view
view 2006aj3666 jpg s Mackmurdo, Arthur Heygate Greenhalgh, Paul Ed., <font u>Art Nouveau : 1890 - 1914</font u>. London: V&A Publications, 2000.... FWK Purchased with a contribution from the Montague and Ethel Marcussen Fund 1887-12-31 1878-01-01 ca. 1883 (made) Chair, mahogany with painted back and replacement seat of green leather; designed by A.H.... Height: 97.2 cm, Height: 43.5 cm seat, Width: 48.5 cm, Depth: 47 cm Art Nouveau (Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo 21/04/2001-08/07/2001) Art Nouveau (National Gallery of Art, Washington 08/10/2000-28/01/2001) Art Nouveau (Victoria & Albert Museum 06/04/2000-30/07/2000) British Galleries, room 125g The chair was designed around 1881 by Mackmurdo, the year before he founded the Century Guild. ... 10812 The chair was made in 1881, the year before Mackmurdo founded the Century Guild. Another example... 2014-08-29T19:57:15.000Z 2014-08-29T19:57:15.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 125g, case 5 -0.12714 Monogram CG Mahogany, brass (alloy), leather, horsehair, webbing Mahogany, with inset mahogany fretwork panel painted on the front only; replacement upholstery W.29-1982 w291982 O7926 Chair 1 Chair, made of mahogany with green leather seat. The ornate fretwork back splat is a... London 2006AJ3666 Although the chair was designed in 1881, the Century Guild was not formed until the following... Mass produced Object Type This is a dining chair, as suggested by its shape and practical leather upholstery,... 3 VA chair-mackmurdo-arthur-heygate 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z painting (image-making), furniture making, upholstering 1887 1878 view
view 2006ah8812 jpg s Webb, Philip (Speakman) Wilk, Chrisopher ed. <u>Western Furniture 1350 to the Present Day in the Victoria & Albert... FWK 1862-12-31 1861-01-01 1861-1862 (made) Cabinet on stand, the doors painted with scenes from the legend of St George. English (London),... Height: 111 cm maximum, including finials, Width: 178 cm, Depth: 43 cm [Cabinet] Height: 59.5 cm including finials, Width: 178 cm, Depth: 43 cm [Stand] Height: 53 cm including castors, Width: 173 cm, Depth: 41.5 cm [Drawer] Height: 7.5 cm, Width: 23 cm, Depth: 28.5 cm [Drawer] Height: 7.25 cm, Width: 23 cm, Depth: 28 cm [Drawer] Height: 6 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 28.5 cm [Drawer] Height: 6 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 28.5 cm [Drawer] Height: 6 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 28.25 cm [Drawer] Height: 6 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 28.5 cm London International Exhibition, 1862 Edward Burne-Jones - The Earthly Paradise (Kunstmuseum, Bern 01/03/2003-25/07/2010) Edward Burne-Jones - The Earthly Paradise (Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart 24/10/2009-07/02/2010) Centenary of William Morris (Victoria & Albert Museum 01/01/1934-31/12/1934) Victorian and Edwardian Decorative Arts (Victoria & Albert Museum 01/01/1952-31/12/1952) Morris & Co. 1861-1940 (Victoria & Albert Museum 01/01/1961-31/12/1961) William Morris (Victoria & Albert Museum 01/01/1996-31/12/1996) British Galleries, room 125f The cabinet was designed by Philip Webb for the stand of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. at the... 11001 "ST GEORGE CABINET" ENGLISH: 1861 Designed by Philip Webb (1831-1915) Painted by William Morris... 2014-08-29T19:58:15.000Z 2014-08-29T19:58:15.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 125f, case 2 -0.12714 Mahogany, copper, Oak, pine Painted and gilded mahogany, pine and oak, with copper mounts 341:1 to 8-1906 3411906 O8144 Cabinet 1 English pounds, shillings and pence £66 3s The cabinet is formed of a rectangular cupboard on a stand; the cupboard has three doors, each... London 2006AH8812 The maker of the St. George cabinet, and other furniture exhibited by Morris, Marshall, Faulkner... Object Type This cabinet is a rare example of Morris's painted work and typical of the large... 3 VA st-george-cabinet-cabinet-webb-philip-speakman 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z painting (image-making), gilding St George Cabinet 1862 1861 view
view 2006al2898 jpg s Bullock, George Wilk, Christopher, ed. <u>Western Furniture: 1350 to the Present Day in the Victoria and Albert... FWK 1821-12-31 1812-01-01 ca. 1817 (made) Three door cabinet in the Greek Revival style, veneered with maple and ebony. It has a square... Height: 113.8 cm, Width: 53.4 cm, Depth: 171.5 cm British Galleries, room 120 The cabinet is neither signed nor labelled, and it is without provenance; but stylistic evidence... 11028 CABINET ENGLISH; about 1815 Interior fitted with shallow display drawers. Attributed to George... 2014-08-29T19:58:24.000Z 2014-08-29T19:58:24.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 120, case 20 -0.12714 maple, Mahogany, ebony, Oak, pine Maple and ebony veneer, with marquetry of maple on an ebony ground; carcase of mahogany, pine and oak W.32:1 to 33-1979 w321979 O8177 Cabinet 1 This three door cabinet is constructed of mahogany, pine and oak, veneered with ebony and maple... London 2006AL2898 Stylistic evidence strongly favours the attribution to George Bullock. Object Type This cabinet is in the Greek Revival style and one of a number of surviving examples... 3 VA cabinet-bullock-george 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z veneering, marquetry 1821 1812 view
view 2006am8505 jpg s Adam, Robert Halley, J.M.W. ‘Historical Town Houses: No. 20 St James's Square', <u>Architectural Review</u>,... FWK 1775-12-31 1766-01-01 ca. 1771-1774 (made) Carved candlestand, painted in blue and white, in the form of a Roman sacrificial altar. British... Height: 122 cm, Width: 57.2 cm British Galleries, room 118e This pair (and another pair of simpler design now in Melbourne Art Gallery) are thought to have... 11066 PAIR OF CANDLESTANDS ENGLISH; about 1774 Painted blue and white Designed by Robert Adam for the... 2014-08-29T19:58:37.000Z 2014-08-29T19:58:37.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 118e, case 4 -0.12714 metal, Mahogany, paint, pine, Gesso Pine upper section and ornaments; mahogany pedestal, with pine ornaments applied with small metal nails; painted in white on a pale blue ground W.36A-1946 w36a1946 O8223 Candlestand 1 Carved candlestand painted blue, and the ornament picked out in white, in the shape of a Roman... London 2006AM8505 One of a pair with W.36-1946 Object Type Adam designed many candlestands with triangular plinths in the form of an ancient... 3 VA candlestand-adam-robert 2014-07-15T00:00:00.000Z carving, painting (coating) 1775 1766 view
view 2006al5236 jpg s Dresser, Christopher Whiteway, Michael, ed. <u>Shock of the Old: Christopher Dresser's Design Revolution</u> London... FWK 1883-12-31 1880-01-01 1880-1883 (made) Ebonised mahogany chair, with simple incised and gilt decoration. Designed by Christopher Dresser... Height: 81.3 cm, Width: 40.6 cm, Depth: 45.8 cm, Height: 41 cm seat Shock of the Old: Christopher Dresser (Victoria & Albert Museum 09/09/2004-05/12/2004) Shock of the Old: Christopher Dresser (Cooper-Hewitt 05/03/2004-25/07/2004) British Design at Home (Tokushima Modern Art Museum 10/09/1994-06/11/1994) British Design at Home (Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art 05/07/1994-21/08/1994) British Design at Home (The Museum of Art, Kobe Hankyu 15/05/1994-22/06/1994) British Design at Home (Saitama Prefecture Modern Art Museum 05/04/1994-05/05/1994) Shock of the Old: Christopher Dresser (Cooper-Hewitt 11/05/2004-11/05/2004) British Galleries, room 125e Designed by Christopher Dresser (born in Glasgow, 1834, died in Mulhouse, France, 1904);... 11075 Christopher Dresser's design for this chair was originally published in <font -u>The Furniture... 2014-08-29T19:58:41.000Z 2014-08-29T19:58:41.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 125e, case 1 -0.12714 Mahogany Mahogany, ebonised and gilded W.35-1992 w351992 O8247 Chair 1 This chair of ebonised mahogany is very simple in form with the exception of an unusual... London 2006AL5236 Object Type According to a sale catalogue of 1883, this chair was originally intended for a... 3 VA chair-dresser-christopher 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z gilding, incising, turning, staining 1883 1880 view
view 2006at3210 jpg s Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (Sir) FWK 1893-12-31 1893-01-01 1893 (exhibited) mahogany and other woods, carved and turned, with mother-of-pearl inlay and brass mounts, silk... Height: 38.5 cm Combined height of seat pad and bench, Width: 165.5 cm, Depth: 71.1 cm, Height: 8.5 cm Seat pad, Width: 159 cm Seat pad, Depth: 64 cm Seat pad, Height: 33 cm Bench only The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 (Musée d'Orsay 13/09/2011-15/01/2012) The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 18/02/2012-17/07/2012) The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 (Victoria & Albert Museum 02/04/2011-17/07/2011) Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (Van Gogh Museum 01/01/1996-31/12/1996) Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1836-1912 (Mappin Art Gallery 01/01/1976-31/12/1976) Alma-Tadema first travelled to Italy on his honeymoon in 1864 when he visited Pompeii as well as... This couch, originally one of a pair, was designed by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema for use in his... 11082 This seat, which was designed by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema R.A. b.1836 d.1912 and exhibited at the... 2014-08-29T19:58:45.000Z 2014-08-29T19:58:45.000Z 52.883289 In Storage -1.97685 Mahogany, brass (alloy), mother of pearl, ebony, silk, cedar, satinwood, brass, silk (textile), satin-wood Mahogany and other woods, carved, turned and inlaid, with mother of pearl inlay, brass mounts and leather straps. The silk upholstery is modern. W.3:1 to 4-1971 w31971 O8255 Couch Bench with solid top, inlaid around the edges, on pair of turned and inlaid Pompeian style legs... England 2006AT3210 Exhibited in the Arts and Crafts Exhibition of 1893. Limited edition This couch was designed by the painter Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema for use as a studio prop. The... 3 couch-alma-tadema-lawrence 2014-06-25T00:00:00.000Z carving, turning, Joinery, upholstery 1893 1893 view
view 2006al6992 jpg s Chippendale, Haig and Co. FWK Given by G. H. Benn 1778-12-31 1772-01-01 1772 -1778 (made) Small bookcase, four shelves above a single doored cupboard with two dummy drawers, painted with... Height: 96.3 cm, Width: 45.5 cm, Depth: 31.8 cm British Galleries, room 118a This bookcase and its pair were first recorded in the Best Bedroom and Dressingroom at David... 11104 In 1994 the Museum aquired by gift one of the small bookcases supplied by the cabinet maker... 2014-08-29T19:58:53.000Z 2014-08-29T19:58:53.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 118a, case 1 -0.12714 [Bookcase] 'PHILIPS OF HITCHIN (ANTIQUES) LTD.' [Bookcase] 'Hardman' followed by scrolled motif Mahogany, Oak, pine, red lead Mahogany, oak and pine, with japanned decoration W.14:1 to 4-1994 w141994 O8288 Bookcase 1 The bookcase is raised on a plinth 10 cm high (including the upper moulding), cut away to present... London 2006AL6992 There is some question as to whether the bookcase was made or just painted by Chippendale's firm.... Object Type This small bookcase is in the form of a cabinet. It has four sliding shelves above a... 3 VA bookcase-chippendale-haig-and 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z Painted 1778 1772 view
view 2006aj3691 jpg s Godwin, Edward William Greenhalgh, Paul Ed., <font u>Art Nouveau : 1890 - 1914</font u>. London: V&A Publications, 2000.... FWK 1870-12-31 1867-01-01 1867-1870 (made) Sideboard, Japanese style, ebonised mahogany with silver plated handles and embossed paper... Height: 181 cm, Width: 256 cm maximum, Width: 162 cm with flaps down, Depth: 56 cm The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 (Musée d'Orsay 13/09/2011-15/01/2012) The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 (Victoria & Albert Museum 02/04/2011-17/07/2011) The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 18/02/2012-17/07/2012) Art Nouveau (Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo 21/04/2001-08/07/2001) Art Nouveau (National Gallery of Art, Washington 08/10/2000-28/01/2001) Art Nouveau - 1890-1914 (Victoria & Albert Museum 06/04/2000-30/07/2000) British Galleries, room 125e The sideboard originally belonged to Frederick Jameson, translater of Wagner and friend of... 11190 CABINET ENGLISH: 1877-1880 Designed by E.W. Godwin (1833-1886) Probably made by William Watt,... 2014-08-29T19:59:20.000Z 2014-08-29T19:59:20.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 125e, case 2 -0.12714 Mahogany, Silver, Japanese paper Mahogany, ebonised, with silver-plated handles and inset panels of embossed leather paper CIRC.38:1 to 5-1953 circ381953 O8380 Sideboard 1 Sideboard, mahogany, ebonised with silver plated handles and inset panels of embossed leather paper. London 2006AJ3691 Godwin originally designed a sideboard in ebonised deal for his dining room in London in 1867... Object Type This sideboard is stylish and dramatic, but it is also quite appropriate for use in a... 3 VA sideboard-godwin-edward-william 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z 1870 1867 view
view 2006am8495 jpg s Newton, James Spira, Andrew. British Galleries: Georgian. <u>V&A Magazine</u>. September-December 2001,... FWK 1809-12-31 1800-01-01 ca. 1805 (made) Klismos chair, mahogany with a caned seat and leather upholstery. British, 1805. Probably made by... Height: 89 cm, Width: 55 cm, Depth: 66 cm Matthew Boulton:Selling What all the World Desires (Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 01/01/2005-27/09/2009) British Galleries, room 120 This chair may have been made for Soho House, Birmingham, the home of the famous industrialist... 11204 This chair was almost certainly made for Soho House, Birmingham, the home of the celebrated... 2014-08-29T19:59:23.000Z 2014-08-29T19:59:23.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 120, case 8 -0.12714 Mahogany, leather, cane (plant material) Mahogany with cane seat; modern leather cushion W.2:1, 2-1988 w21988 O8398 Chair 1 London 2006AM8495 Object Type This is a very distinctive example of a 'klismos' chair, with a single, central... 3 VA chair-newton-james 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z upholstering 1809 1800 view