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view 2006af4668 jpg s Burne-Jones, Edward Coley (Sir) Howard Schott: Catalogue of Musical Instruments in the Victoria and Albert Museum - Part I:... FWK Given by Mrs A. C. Ionides 1883-12-31 1883-01-01 1883 (made) 1883 (decorated) Length: 266 cm, Width: 140.5 cm, Height: 45.7 cm Paintings, room 81 This grand piano was commissioned from Morris & Co by A.A. Ionides for the second drawing room of... 41770 Edward Burne Jones 1833–1885 Grand Piano 1884–85 Burne-Jones based the design on the case and... 2014-08-29T22:09:42.000Z 2014-08-29T22:09:42.000Z 51.506321 Paintings, room 81, case EXP -0.12714 John Broadwood & Sons, London 21418 Silver, gold leaf, Oak, Gesso Oak, stained and decorated with gold and silver-gilt gesso W.23:1 to 4-1927 w231927 O86392 Grand piano 1 The keyboard compass is 85 notes, AAA-a4. The instrument is straight strung with individual... London 2006AF4668 Attribution note: Although Broadwood pianos were produced on a large scale, the decoration by... Unique This piano was built in 1883 by John Broadwood & Sons for A.C. Ionides, a friend and client of... 3 VA grand-piano-burne-jones-edward 2014-08-04T00:00:00.000Z joining, staining, modelled 1883 1883 view