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view 2006am2694 jpg s James Powell & Son (Whitefriars Glassworks) Ltd CER 1860-12-31 1850-01-01 1850-1860 (made) Vase, England (probably London), patent of Hale Thomson, attributed to J. Powell & Sons,... Height: 12.4 cm, Diameter: 9.6 cm British Galleries, room 123 Probably made by James Powell & Sons, Whitefriars Glassworks, London. 4841 British Galleries: Double-walled silvered glass was a novelty that was very successful. Edward... 2014-08-29T19:34:58.000Z 2014-08-29T19:34:58.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -0.12714 'Hale Thomson's Patent London' Silvered glass, engraved C.19-1961 c191961 O3297 Vase 1 One of a pair of vases, double-walled, silvered and engraved. London 2006AM2694 Object Type This goblet-shaped vase is a purely decorative object. Although made of glass, with... 3 VA vase-james-powell-son 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z 1860 1850 view
view John Derbyshire & Co. CER Bequeathed by Michael Franklin 1874-12-31 1874-01-01 1874 (design registered) Paperweight, England (Manchester), made by John Derbyshire, Regent Road Flint Glass Works, 1874-1900 Height: 12.3 cm, Width: 18.5 cm maximum, Depth: 10.8 cm British Galleries, room 123 Made by John Derbyshire (active 1856-1893), Regent Flint Glass Works, Manchester 5297 Sir Edwin Landseer's (1000-09??) design for the lions at the base of Nelson's Column inspired... 2014-08-29T19:36:13.000Z 2014-08-29T19:36:13.000Z 53.479622 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.24881 Anchor trade mark intersecting 'JD' in monogram, diamond registration mark for 7/1874 Press-moulded glass C.262-1987 c2621987 O3780 Paperweight 1 Blue pressed glass lion paperweight Manchester Object Type A paperweight must be functional, but most examples also show a strong decorative... 2 VA lion-after-landseer-paperweight-john-derbyshire-co 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z Lion after Landseer 1874 1874 view
view 2006am6918 jpg s Redgrave, Richard (CB, RA, ARA) MET Given by Henry Cole 1900-12-31 1800-01-01 19th century (made) Fish, flesh, fowl and game knife with a blade of registered design Length: 26.8 cm, Width: 2.7 cm, Depth: 1.3 cm British Galleries, room 123 Handle designed by Richard Redgrave CB, RA (1804-1888) for Felix Summerly's Art Manufactures;... 7367 British Galleries: The mark relates to a design by John Bell for a bread knife, registered in... 2014-08-29T19:42:49.000Z 2014-08-29T19:42:49.000Z 53.029362 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.17507 Encaustic earthenware handle, with steel blade 27-1865 271865 O77504 Knife 1 Stoke-on-Trent 2006AM6918 The blade from a knife design registered in 1848 Object Type This knife was described in a contemporary document of 1848 as a table knife and as... 3 VA knife-redgrave-richard-cb 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z 1900 1800 view
view 2006am8716 jpg s Burgess & Leigh CER Given by Michael Franklin 1896-12-31 1896-01-01 1896 (made) Earthenware teapot, Burgess & Leigh, Burslem, designed 1896 Height: 16.8 cm, Width: 24.9 cm, Depth: 9.5 cm British Galleries, room 123 Made by Burgess & Leigh, Middleport Pottery, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire 8891 British Galleries: This teapot has two registered numbers. The first number protects the shape of... 2014-08-29T19:48:25.000Z 2014-08-29T19:48:25.000Z 53.054249 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.1842 Regd shape 281721','Rd.no.285771'printed in brown; applied 'Rd.281' and 'R' impressed on teapot; ... Earthenware, lead-glazed, transfer-printed, painted and gilded C.277&A-1983 c2771983 O77904 Teapot 1 TEAPOT copying the design of the biscuit tin Burslem 2006AM8716 Object Type Teapots seemed always to offer scope for the designer's imagination. Some examples... 3 VA teapot-burgess-leigh 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z 1896 1896 view
view 2006am8731 jpg s Copeland & Co. CER 1853-12-31 1853-01-01 1853 (design registered) Plate with arabic inscription Height: 3 cm, Diameter: 26.2 cm British Galleries, room 123 Made by William Taylor Copeland, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire 8934 British Galleries: The design on this plate was registered by the retailer, and not by the... 2014-08-29T19:48:37.000Z 2014-08-29T19:48:37.000Z 53.029362 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.17507 The inscription in the centre translates as: 'Allah the One, there is no partner to Him/Muhammad... Earthenware, transfer-printed C.50-1982 c501982 O77948 Plate 1 PLATE made for Muslim markets Stoke-on-Trent 2006AM8731 Object Type Looking to extend markets throughout the British empire and beyond, manufacturers and... 3 VA plate-copeland-co 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z 1853 1853 view
view 2006an1405 jpg s Knox, Archibald MET Given by Martin Battersby 1905-12-31 1905-01-01 1905 (designed) Pewter (Tudric range), Birmingham, made by W.H. Haseler ca.1905, designed by Archibald Knox. Height: 10.2 cm, Width: 22.3 cm, Length: 31 cm British Galleries, room 123 Probably designed by Archibald Knox (born in Cronkbourne, Tromode, Isle of Man, 1864, died in... 9083 British Galleries: Liberty often employed different artists and firms to design and manufacture... 2014-08-29T19:49:14.000Z 2014-08-29T19:49:14.000Z 52.478588 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -1.9086 Stamped on the base 'TUDRIC ' over '0357' and Rd. 449032 [registration number] pewter Pewter CIRC.914-1967 circ9141967 O78106 Cake basket 1 Birmingham 2006AN1405 Design registered 1905 Object Type The cake basket evolved from the form of the 18th-century bread basket, in response... 3 VA cake-basket-knox-archibald 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z casting 1905 1905 view
view Walker, David Oman, Charles C., and Hamilton, Jean. <u>Wallpapers: a history and illustrated catalogue of the... PDP Given by J. Robertshaw 1895-12-31 1895-01-01 1895 (made) Panel of wallpaper with waterlillies and foliage, machine print, produced by David Walker,... Height: 80.1 cm, Width: 56.8 cm British Galleries, room 123 9136 British Galleries: This paper is washable as it was printed with oil colours and then varnished.... 2014-08-29T19:49:32.000Z 2014-08-29T19:49:32.000Z 54.021111 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.88189 'Rd. No. 260807 / 201' paper Colour print from engraved rollers, on paper E.1943-1952 e19431952 O78161 Wallpaper 1 A panel of wallpaper, machine printed, with waterlilies on a lake overhung by foliage, colour... Middleton (Lancashire) Design registered in 1895. Object Type In Britain paper printed or painted with patterns has been used for decorating walls... 2 VA wallpaper-walker-david 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z machine printing 1895 1895 view
view 2006am1994 jpg s Huntley, Boorne & Stevens Michael Franklin, <u>British Biscuit Tins</u>, London, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1984, ISBN.... MET Given by M. J. Franklin 1894-12-31 1894-01-01 1894 (designed) <font -i>Indian</font>, Tinplate, offset lithographic printing, M.J. Franklin Collection of... Length: 15.5 cm, Width: 19 cm, Depth: 10 cm British Galleries, room 123 Made by Huntley, Boorne and Stevens for Huntley & Palmer, both in Reading, Berkshire 9343 British Galleries: Biscuit tins began to appear in novel shapes from the mid-1890s. Although the... 2014-08-29T19:50:29.000Z 2014-08-29T19:50:29.000Z 51.453522 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -0.96301 tinplate Tin, printed in offset litho M.257-1983 m2571983 O78512 Biscuit tin 1 Biscuit tin made of tinplate with offset lithography printed that features an Indian scene. Reading 2006AM1994 Design first made in 1894 The British biscuit tin came about when the Licensed Grocer's Act of 1861 allowed groceries to be... 3 VA indian-mj-franklin-collection-of-biscuit-tin-huntley-boorne-stevens 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z offset lithography Indian; M.J. Franklin Collection of British Biscuit Tins 1894 1894 view
view 2006an1423 jpg s Hands, John MET 1845-08-28 1845-08-28 1845 (design registered) 1st of pair of curtain tie-backs, in the form of hand holding leaves Height: 8 cm, Width: 15 cm, Depth: 25.6 cm British Galleries, room 123 Design registered, 28/08/1845. Made in Birmingham by the firm of John Hands 9360 British Galleries: These decorative household items were fixed to the walls and used to hold the... 2014-08-29T19:50:34.000Z 2014-08-29T19:50:34.000Z 52.478588 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -1.9086 Brass M.29&A-1985 m291985 O78530 Curtain tie backs 1 Birmingham 2006AN1423 Made in Birmingham by the firm of John Hands Object Type In the 19th century, during the day, the long heavy curtains in the drawing room or... 3 VA curtain-tie-backs-hands-john 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z 1845 1845 view
view 2006an1197 jpg s Robert Jones & Sons Bernard M. Watney and Homer D. Babbidge, <u>Corkscrews for Collectors</u>, Sotheby Park Bernet,... MET G. Giachin Bequest 1842-12-31 1842-01-01 1842 (design registered) Steel and brass with wooden handle, Birmingham, designed 1842, made by Robert Jones & Sons. Height: 15 cm, Width: 11 cm, Depth: 4 cm British Galleries, room 123 Made by Robert Jones & Son, Birmingham 9480 British Galleries: This was the second design registered by Robert Jones, a leading manufacturer... 2014-08-29T19:51:10.000Z 2014-08-29T19:51:10.000Z 52.478588 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -1.9086 Stamped with ROBERT JONES & SON BIRMINGHAM REGISTERED steel Steel and brass, with wooden handle M.97-1993 m971993 O78657 Corkscrew 1 Birmingham 2006AN1197 Object Type During the 19th century a large number of different mechanisms for opening bottles... 3 VA corkscrew-robert-jones-sons 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z 1842 1842 view
view 2006am2026 jpg s Brendel, B. O. T&F Given by G. Hay Murray 1902-12-31 1902-01-01 1902 (patented) Skirt holders (patented) Height: 16 cm, Width: 3.5 cm, Depth: 2 cm British Galleries, room 123 Patent taken out by B.O. Brendel of Hampstead, London 9678 British Galleries: These grips prevented skirts trailing in the dirt, as they allowed the wearer... 2014-08-29T19:52:08.000Z 2014-08-29T19:52:08.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -0.12714 Inscribed: Patent No. 8599 Regd. No. 385195 Oxidised brass, with cast decorative elements and spring mechanism T.59&A-1956 t591956 O78890 Skirt grips 1 London 2006AM2026 Object Type Skirt grips helped deal with full skirts and long trains in the ballroom. They helped... 3 VA skirt-grips-brendel-b-o 2013-08-17T00:00:00.000Z 1902 1902 view
view 2006am6407 jpg s William Comyns and Sons T&F Given by Miss Edith Byfeld Hall 1900-12-31 1900-01-01 1900 (manufactured) Set of ladies silver buttons in leather case, London, 1900 Diameter: 2.8 cm each button British Galleries, room 123 Manufactured by William Comyns and Sons, London 9713 British Galleries: The British button industry had expanded rapidly and achieved a prominent... 2014-08-29T19:52:19.000Z 2014-08-29T19:52:19.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -0.12714 The reverse is stamped Rd No.352928 Red leather case, lined with blue silk and velvet; buttons of silver plate, cast and hand-pierced T.92 to G-1970 t921970 O78929 Set of buttons and case 1 Set of ladies buttons made from silver plate. The buttons are circular with a pierced and relief... London 2006AM6407 Object type Boxed sets of silver buttons were popular between 1890 and 1910 and made attractive... 3 VA set-of-buttons-william-comyns-and 2013-10-29T00:00:00.000Z 1900 1900 view
view 2006aw2457 jpg s G.M. & C.J. Mason CER 1855-12-31 1846-01-01 ca. 1851 (made) Mason's ironstone vase made for the Great Exhibition of 1851 Height: 27 cm, Width: 17 cm, Depth: 10 cm British Galleries, room 123 Made by C.J. Mason at Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire 12092 British Galleries: The Daisy Bank pottery used several variations of this mark over many years of... 2014-08-29T20:04:50.000Z 2014-08-29T20:04:50.000Z 53.029362 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.17507 Inscribed with 'Mason's Patent Ironstone China', scroll and crown and 'Exhibition of 1851' Ironstone China (stoneware), with moulded, printed and painted decoration C.87:1, 2-1992 c871992 O9479 Vase 1 Stoke-on-Trent 2006AW2457 Object Type This vase, with its cover, was intended as a decorative object. It is made of... 3 VA vase-gm-cj-mason 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z 1855 1846 view
view 2006am7936 jpg s Unknown CER 1854-12-31 1845-01-01 ca. 1850 (made) [*] blue glass inkstand Diameter: 13.4 cm foot, Height: 8.5 cm British Galleries, room 123 Possibly made in London 13405 British Galleries: This effect was achieved by cutting through the blue layer of glass to show... 2014-08-29T20:10:39.000Z 2014-08-29T20:10:39.000Z 51.506321 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -0.12714 Mark 'W.LUND PATENT' on plug in base Silvered glass, with blue overlay; pewter cover C.21&A-1961 c211961 O11189 Inkstand 1 London 2006AM7936 Object Type This inkholder was probably made more for home than office use. It seeks attention... 3 VA inkstand-unknown 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z 1854 1845 view
view 2006am8762 jpg s Charles Meigh & Co. CER Given by D. A. MacAlister 1850-12-31 1841-01-01 ca. 1846 (made) York Minster jug Height: 18.3 cm, Width: 11.9 cm, Depth: 11.8 cm British Galleries, room 123 Made by Charles Meigh at Old Hall Works, Staffordshire; shown at the Great Exhibition of 1851 14766 British Galleries: The production of moulded stoneware jugs was an important part of the ceramics... 2014-08-29T20:15:38.000Z 2014-08-29T20:15:38.000Z 52.824749 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.02806 Applied and impressed: Patent Office diamond registration mark and the words 'York Minster' jug Smear-glazed stoneware, with moulded decoration CIRC.1141-1967 circ11411967 O11504 Jug 1 Staffordshire 2006AM8762 Object Type A stoneware jug is an extremely functional type. It is strong and non-porous and in... 3 VA york-minster-jug-jug-charles-meigh-co 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z York Minster Jug 1850 1841 view
view 2006am6537 jpg s Brownfield, William CER 1862-12-31 1862-01-01 1862 (designed) Muses blue jug commemorating the International Exhibition of 1862 Height: 25.5 cm, Width: 14.5 cm maximum, Depth: 12.1 cm British Galleries, room 123 Made by William Brownfield in Cobridge, Staffordshire to commemorate the London International... 14767 British Galleries: This design was known as 'International' and continued to be made many years... 2014-08-29T20:15:38.000Z 2014-08-29T20:15:38.000Z 53.034382 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.18167 Impressed 'INTERNATIONAL', Patent office diamond registration mark and a Staffordshire knot with... Earthenware, with moulded decoration; pewter lid CIRC.665-1971 circ6651971 O11505 Jug 1 Cobridge 2006AM6537 Design registered 1862 Object Type A stoneware jug is an extremely functional type. It is strong and non-porous, and in... 3 VA jug-brownfield-william 2014-07-31T00:00:00.000Z 1862 1862 view
view 2006at8016 jpg s Knox, Archibald MET 1904-12-31 1904-01-01 1904 (design registered) Pewter hot water jug, designer Archibald Knox, manufacturer W. H. Haseler, retailer Liberty &... Height: 20.5 cm, Width: 17 cm including handle, Depth: 13.5 cm British Galleries, room 123 Arthur Lanesby Liberty began importing pewter from Germany in 1899, principally from Kayser of... From the 'Tudric' range of Liberty & Co. Ltd, London 28905 British Galleries: Liberty & Co. were successful retailers who registered many designs that they... 2014-08-29T21:24:05.000Z 2014-08-29T21:24:05.000Z 52.478588 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -1.9086 Stamped on the base 'Rd.427010' over 'TUDRIC 0307' pewter, cane Pewter, with cane handle CIRC.238-1970 circ2381970 O33752 Hot water jug 1 Pewter hot-water jug, straight-died, with hinged lid, cane-covered handle. Celtic designs on jug,... Birmingham 2006AT8016 Object Type As tea was served in the drawing room, often at some distance from the kitchen, jugs... 3 VA hot-water-jug-knox-archibald 2014-08-14T00:00:00.000Z 1904 1904 view
view 2006am5812 jpg s Unknown CER 1848-12-31 1848-01-01 1848 (made) Jug, stoneware, made in Burslem, 1848 British Galleries, room 123 119314 Jug Made at Burslem, England, England, 1848 Stoneware Circ.1170-1967 [23/05/2008] 2014-08-30T03:35:17.000Z 2014-08-30T03:35:17.000Z 53.054249 British Galleries, room 123, case 7 -2.1842 Stoneware CIRC.1170-1967 circ11701967 O151058 Jug 1 Burslem 2006AM5812 3 VA jug-unknown 2014-01-06T00:00:00.000Z 1848 1848 view