Facets / location / British Galleries, room 120, case 17, shelf DR5 x 1

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view 2006an1107 jpg s Gillow & Co. <u>Victoria and Albert Museum Department of Prints and Drawings and Department of Paintings,... PDP Given by the directors of Messrs Waring and Gillow Ltd. 1831-12-31 1806-01-01 1806-1831 (made) Design, from a set of 94, for furniture and interiors, made in the studio of Gillow & Co.,... Height: 41.5 cm paper, Width: 58.8 cm paper British Galleries, room 120 9179 British Galleries: This watercolour is an example of the complete interior design service offered... 2014-08-29T19:49:43.000Z 2014-08-29T19:49:43.000Z 54.313919 British Galleries, room 120, case 17, shelf DR5 -2.23218 'GILLOW & Co. 176 OXFORD STREET' 'B. Heywood Esq' ink, watercolour Drawing in pen and ink, and watercolour E.35-1952 e351952 O78203 Design 1 Design for the furniture and interior decoration of a room, with elevations of the walls and... Britain 2006AN1107 Object Type This design is typical example of the interiors executed by Gillow & Co. The... 3 VA design-gillow-co 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z drawing 1831 1806 view