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view 2006an2362 jpg s Menzel, Carl August PDP 1876-12-31 1867-01-01 ca. 1872-1873 (made) Mounted Diagram used for teaching students, print made by L. Sachse & Cie, Berlin, about 1872 - 1873 Height: 25.8 cm, Width: 41.8 cm Prints & Drawings Study Room, level D 6703 British Galleries: This sheet shows examples of ornament, including Greek key and arabesque,... 2014-08-29T19:40:36.000Z 2014-08-29T19:40:36.000Z 52.516074 Prints & Drawings Study Room, level D, case BOX, shelf 232 13.376987 Lettered with name of designer and printer, and date. Stamped SD; inscribed in red watercolour... Lithograph, ink on laid paper backed on card and linen, with edges protected by fabric binding 14893A/2 14893a2 O77418 Diagram 1 Berlin (city) 2006AN2362 Object Type This print belongs to a published collection of ornamental friezes and arabesques... 3 VA diagram-menzel-carl-august 2014-08-21T00:00:00.000Z 1876 1867 view
view 2006bh8069 jpg s Menzel, Carl August PDP 1832-12-31 1832-01-01 1832 (made) Mounted diagram used for teaching students. Print, plant strip designs, lithograph by Carl August... Height: 26 cm, Width: 42 cm From the Engraved Ornament Gallery in the Victoria and Albert Museum British Galleries, room 125c This mannered and distorted classical ornament was probably aimed at textile designers and... 88238 The full text of the label is as follows: "<b>PRINT: PLANT STRIP DESIGNS</b> German, 1832... 2014-08-30T01:23:01.000Z 2014-08-30T01:23:01.000Z 52.516074 British Galleries, room 125c, case WS 13.376987 HI[?] Berlin [?], L. Sachse & Cie SD 002 8B Lithograph on paper 14893A/19 14893a19 O114018 Print 1 Nine plant strip designs of stylized geometric patterns based on natural forms. Mannered and... Berlin (city) 2006BH8069 Object Type This German print, by Carl August Menzel, showing mannered and distorted classical... 3 VA panel-designs-print-menzel-carl-august 2013-11-08T00:00:00.000Z Panel designs 1832 1832 view
view 2006bk8795 jpg s Menzel, Carl August PDP 1836-12-31 1827-01-01 ca. 1832 (made) Print, a study of Classical ornament, lithograph by Menzel, from <i>Die Kunstwerk</i>, published... Height: 25.9 cm, Width: 41.8 cm Prints & Drawings Study Room, level D 92564 2014-08-30T01:42:53.000Z 2014-08-30T01:42:53.000Z 51.090839 Prints & Drawings Study Room, level D, case BOX, shelf 232 10.45424 'Goethe Schiller' card, lithographic ink Lithograph on card 14893A/30 14893a30 O119430 Print 1 A print with text and ornament, with a lyre motif at the centre, and three panels of ornament at... Germany 2006BK8795 From <i>Die Kunstwerk</i>, a series of 35 plates This ornament print by Carl August Menzel is from the series Die Kunstwerk. The motifs seen in... 3 VA die-kunstwerk-print-menzel-carl-august 2014-08-18T00:00:00.000Z lithography Die Kunstwerk 1836 1827 view