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view 2006at2670 jpg s Cros, Henry Belfort, A-M in Cahiers de la Céramique du verre et des Arts du Feu, No 39, 1967: Pâtes de verre... CER Given by Victor Arwas 1895-12-31 1890-01-01 1890 - 1895 (made) Mask, France (Sèvres, Paris), designed and made by Henry Cros, 1890-1895, C.56-1992 . Glass, room 131 6730 César Isidore Henry Cros (1840-1907) experimented and produced his first pâte-de-verre in... 2014-08-29T19:40:41.000Z 2014-08-29T19:40:41.000Z 48.824329 Glass, room 131, case 30, shelf 2 2.21212 'Cros' painted (possibly in enamel) Pâte-de-verre (glass paste) C.56-1992 c561992 O5277 Mask 1 Henry Cros was much influenced by the ancient world and used images, such as this classical-style... Sèvres 2006AT2670 This mask was made when pâte de verre (glass paste) was a new technique. César Isidore Henry Cros... 3 VA mask-cros-henry 2014-08-11T00:00:00.000Z 1895 1890 view